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  1. Some years ago =)

    Oh my tiddies, how are you doing my man? Let me know if you log in so we can catch up after all these years! Great to hear from you again (PS! Good thing you did not post our pvps, we both know how those ended ;*) <3
  2. Scammers

    Lmao, stupidity at its finest.
  3. Balance Balance Balance

    Sad but true. Already made an topic, with a little hope that they would get the point. It's sad, and it looks like they really don't care anymore.. This also shows when they can't comment on any of the topics that have been made. Even now with the covid19 shit, and more people playing they should take advantage of this.
  4. More Events!

    I know, but that is a good thing tho. But new players also need for example a Guard that can answear question both in game and on forum for people asking about stuff. Guardians are not only there for beeing MM, but also to help both new and old players with questions.
  5. More Events!

    Please don't flame the post guys, stick to the topic instead ^
  6. More Events!

    Sad, but it's true.. There is nothing more to do right now, just farm and make/buy gear. And then do kinda nothing, maybe a pvp or two. But nothing like the good old days with daily events, huge pk wars etc. I do visit those places from time to time to take out some of the maaaad farmers yes
  7. More Events!

    Good day peeps, hope everyone are doing ok? I've been playing for some weeks now, and all events that I can see is XP and boss if I'm not wrong? I was wondering if the staff could bring back some of the good old events such as Last Man Standing, 2v2, 3v3 etc., Hide and Seek for example. Would be so much fun to have some more events, and I guess it will get more people online aswell. Looking forward to hear from the staff! If some of you other guys have other suggestions please leave it under here. - Swan

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  9. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Nuubs :P

    How are you?
  10. WTS / WTB

  11. WTS / WTB

  12. WTS / WTB