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  1. Imposter again.

    Someone is using my Azure knight name..this account pmed my friends and other players to borrow items..pls help me GMs..banned this impostor ..

    Old memories..
  3. SOLD

    How much?
  4. New Map

    I think it's your internet connection sir.. maybe slow ..
  5. WTS> +13 Legion Hunter/D.Wep/+12DN.

    How much u sell hermes sir?
  6. Got scammed, proof enough ?

    U got tricked man..
  7. WTS !!!

    Still available? I have AK set
  8. WTS LEGION +13

    How much cs legion gloves sir..
  9. Congrat To New/Old Champion

    Congrats to our champs and new king more power guys!
  10. Imposter

    I just wannt to report this person who ever he or she is.for using my forum account name.. im just worried about my safety in this game.. pls do some action to this GM's thanks and Have a nive day.
  11. WTS LEGION +13

    Hm cs gloves ?
  12. WTT CS

    Wanna trade with my aloken bro? xxxSimplyJenyxxx
  13. SELL HUNTER +12 +13

    How much hermes ?