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  1. Sale alo set

    Sapp spear 5%cd 2line dmg 4x8%rhumbos Sapp guard 2x 123med Helion armor 2ldef 4x96med Legion armor FG DN LEGION PANTS 2PR base DN Hermes +13 1l def 2%amr DN LEGION glove 6cd 1%dmg Legion helm 4x5k HP HELION wing 4x 3k/5k HP Forgiveness wing 4x3%def 70k dks or mage
  2. Legatus+13 123med Legatus+13 full hp DN HELION armor fg DN HELION pants DN HELION glove+13 5cd 1%mgc dmg DN hermes+13 2%ms base DN Sapp wand 11%cd base 3x8%pyramid Dshop wings forgiveness 360 days HP Pure dks
  3. WTT Hunter

    Trade to mage
  4. Mage Lega+13 full 123 med DN HELION armor fg DN HELION pants+13 DN Hermes+13 DN HELION glove+13 DN Sapp wand 11cd base 3x8% pyramid Ak set DN HELION helm DN HELION armor fg DN HELION pants Hermes normal DN HELION glove 10%cd D.sword +13 DN shield 2l def 2%ms DN Sapp 2haxe 13%cd 197dmg Dks or offer pm me tnx
  5. DN HELION boots cs +13 2l def 1%fire res and 2%amr option=dks 8k dks or hb same
  6. DN HELION glove+13 for ak 10%cd =pure dks
  7. Legatus +13hp HELION armor+13 clean HELION glove+13 7%cd 2l dmg Helion pants+13 clean Hermes +13 normal 1h sword aba DN+13 DN JUTO sapp shield+13 clean 3l def 1%ms DN JUTO 2h axe +13 sapp 4l dmg clean =Dks or offer
  8. Sale +13 items

  9. Sale +13 items

  10. Sale +13 items

  11. Sale +13 items

    SEG HELION armor+13 2pcs magc clean=10k each Helion armor +13 hb mgc clean=10k DN JUTO falchion 6cd 235inc dmg=7k DN JUTO wand 8cd 203 mgc dmg clean=8k or 2x vip(sold) HELION glove mage 5cd 1%mgc 2line inc mgc dmg=15k dks HELION pants mage magc+13=10k Juto bow+13 8cd Noble=10k(sold) AK HELION armor+13 2l def Noble=10k AK HELION armor+13 Noble 1l def=9k AK HELION glove+13 7%cd =12k AK HELION glove+13 10%cd=20k SEG LEGATUS+13 full hp=mage SEG helion pants+13 Pm me tnx