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  1. HB Buff CD Way to Long

    So im playing HB and when i look at my buff the cooldown for them i think is to long, Why is my Berserker 3 Buff the same CD at a Tran buff.... Tran cooldown time is 300 sce. and my Berserker Skill cooldown time are 300 Sce and 140 sce. i only get to us that buff 1 time at the start of the fight. why cant it be a 60 sce cooldown are something. is there a reason you guys gave HB 140 sce and 300 sce cooldown for the buff. i would just like to know and thank you.
  2. VS Master Kera Helmet +13 4x 5k HP gems = 5k Legion Armor +13 10% Flinch 3x 30$ AMR =7k Helion Glove Noble +13 1% DMG 2line DMG = 7k Legion Boots DN +13 2x 123 Max Def , 2line Def 2Line Poision resist =5k Persona Pants +12 Dn 2% Phy resist Base 2x 2% Phy resist gems =1k Wings of the Moon =4k Blist TB +13 Magic 3%CD 1line dmg 2x 10%CD 11% Poision Damage = 4k = 30k DK all VS SOLD Wizz Legatus +13 4x 5k HP gems = 15k Helion Armor +13 10%Flinch 3x 10% AMR =15k Helion Glove +13 Magic 2line Magic DMG =4k Helion Pants +13 2x 2% Phy Resist gems =10k Legion Boots DN +13 1% Block 1% Flinch 2% Curse resist 1% MS =10k Nebula Glove DN +12 3line magic dmg 5%CD =2k Juto Golden Orb Magic +13 1line magic dmg 3%CD 3x 11% FD 7%CD =20k = 65k DK all
  3. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

    sorry only days off i have is friday and saturday. work on sundays \
  4. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

    sure but are time zone so different so idk when ill check u but im off tomorrow so ill be on all day
  5. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

    sold med armor already sorry
  6. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

  7. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

  8. WTS pure dks

    Would u trade set for alo
  9. VS = HB or Bagi legion armor+13 legion dn boots +13 helikn magic glove+13 MH+13 new pants +12 blist +13 ALO = HB only legion helm +13 helion armor +13 amr helion armor +13 med SOLD helion magic glove +13 helion pants +13 hermes +13 juto gold spear+ 13 juto gold gaurd +13
  10. New Player

    damn i wish i was act like in the pass i would help out. if they every do the update ill be back with the new skills
  11. WTT/B/S

    I got segu set to offer
  12. HI ALL

    WTB HB SET PM let me see what u guys got
  13. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Nuubs :P

    yo yo yo how everyone. im thinking ill come back. look like there new skill for all the classes