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  1. WTS pure dks

    Would u trade set for alo
  2. VS = HB or Bagi legion armor+13 legion dn boots +13 helikn magic glove+13 MH+13 new pants +12 blist +13 ALO = HB only legion helm +13 helion armor +13 amr helion armor +13 med helion magic glove +13 helion pants +13 hermes +13 juto gold spear+ 13 juto gold gaurd +13
  3. New Player

    damn i wish i was act like in the pass i would help out. if they every do the update ill be back with the new skills
  4. WTT/B/S

    I got segu set to offer
  5. HI ALL

    WTB HB SET PM let me see what u guys got
  6. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Nuubs :P

    yo yo yo how everyone. im thinking ill come back. look like there new skill for all the classes
  7. Why Does No One Play Hb Anymore?... Hb Class is DEAD!

    yea that sound like A3. i been HB champ for over 2 years on and off and i know what he talking about. i couldnt say it any better myself
  8. WTB SEGU SET +13

    i got full segu +13 Hellion set. with juro ruby weapon glvoe is helion +13 too. im looking for aloken
  9. Not Active so i sell all

    yes yes
  10. wts +13 vs set and golden juto weap=65dks

    really that a deal. should have told me about this soon xD
  11. WTS>MAGE OP SET +13

    hi u got HB helion still

    u want segu for vs?