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    The amount of irrelevancy in this topic doe. Guess I'll contribute. Hi.
  2. A3 Hi

    It is indeed. Just lurking around once a while to see if something interesting appears. This topic is a meme doe.
  3. A3 Hi

    The amount of people jumping to assumptions is insane. This just proves how little knowledge you have regarding dekaron. A6 is nothing like A9. A6 is pretty much a more updated version of A3 which, amongst other, include working dksq, instead of the ghetto A3 event that's being hosted by the GMs.
  4. A6 server??

    A minor correction regarding Inori's statement about the 3 skill bar system; A6 doesn't have 3 skill bars, it was first implemented in A7, meaning that 2 skill bars remain. What A6 mainly has to offer is proper working dksq and trans-up skill. Of course it has more to offer, but nothing that's too significant from what the server already has.
  5. I am back! :P

    Will do, then. It might take a few hours though. I'll send you a private message once I've downloaded and created a character.
  6. I am back! :P

    Not really playing currently, I'm just lurking around the forums, but for you, I might download it
  7. I am back! :P

    Hai, hai-desu.
  8. I am back! :P

    Hai, hai~ I remember you. I believe we played together on another server(s?) Tolerance? :x
  9. What's wrong with this server

    If the rates haven't been altered in any way, my point still stands. You claim their complaints included some sort of an altering in the fortification rates, but despite not having done any changes, yet they still came to the forums to ask what's going on. I am most certain this indirectly indicate a suggestion that includes a slight increase/altering/change or whatever one would prefer to call it. The complaints hasn't been until recently as you claim, it has been going on for years & it has been suggested for years, but the staff had just left it unattended. In this case, I actually did learn the ''full story.'' I've been a member here previously and I know how it functions, hence why I am taking part of this. I had preferred not to include this in my statements, but a few friends of mine actually spoke a lot about this back then, talking about the fortification rates, that is, and they also agreed that the rates were too low for their likings. However, as I said, I had preferred not to include this in my statements because I am no longer in touch with them, therefore, I can not prove it. I jumped into conclusion with the assumption it hasn't changed while I've been inactive. Again, create a poll. Come to a conclusion with the players, ask them how to improve, what you can do better. Remember, this is their server as well, so it would only be logical if they took part of some of the decisions, too. Communication between staff and players are probably, if not, the most important thing(s.)
  10. What's wrong with this server

    Well, the fact that most of your ''veteran players,'' or rather, the ones using the forums, if that's what you prefer to call it, complain about the rates just contradicts your whole statement. You are absolutely right, my statements are all based off of my observations on the forums, as I in fact, no longer play this game/server. The reason I'm here is because I like these kind of debates, which other forums may lack at times. I haven't played Global in years, so no, I don't know the ''accurate'' difference between your and their server currently, but when I did play, I didn't find it too hard to farm my gear, the fortification rates has always been the issue - Global because you can't really advance unless you spend tons of money and Core because the rates are as low as they are. I won't include the talismans due to the fact it's different databases and A9 has a far greater possiblity to succeed with all the new fancy stuff. What I mean by altering the rates and go on a compromise with the players, is like I said previously, instead of making your players frustrated when they constantly fail through 1-9 (reason why all this ''drama'' appeared in the first place) why not make 1-9 100%? It will still be fairly tough to get a complete setup, just leave 10-13 unattended. The way it is now only unmotivates many players which may result in them quitting, and that's not what we want, is it? Farming and PKing are indeed one of the main aspects when it comes to Dekaron, the difference between them is that PKing is optional, while farming isn't unless you want to stay the same old forever. I'm not telling you to give everything handed on a silverplate, I'm saying there can also be too much farming, which again, might unmotivate many players which result in them eventually leaving. - Keeping it as it is will eventually kill it, making a change will eventually kill it as well, so why not just go on a compromise? It's funny how you try to compare to your ''veteran population'' when they were the ones coming to the forums asking for an altering in the first place, indirect. They were the ones who brought this up, so again, it just contradicts your whole statement about not wanting to change the rates because of your veteran players. And to answer your question, no, I wouldn't mind in the slightest. If it means the server gets more active and there's something productive to do rather than running in Ardeca doing nothing, I would gladly sacrifice all my efforts. I honestly just think we're going back-and-forth. Someone should create a poll instead, that way it will be easier to determine whether your player base think everything's alright, or if anything needs to be changed. At least this will create awareness of what exactly your player base wants. - the question is if you're willing to do so much for your players. P.S, I used to main Sum and AK. TwinSwords as my Sum, and Primus as my AK, just in case you were wondering with the '' If you are who I think you are .''
  11. What's wrong with this server

    Yes, it is entirely my personal opinion, along with certain other players - Which makes it a fact due to the majority. Also, please do notice I said ''most,'' meaning it's not everyone, but most. You sure are ''easier'' than Global is, at least to an extend. The only thing that differ Core from Global is that Global is P2W. That is caused because Global consist of items that were only obtainable for a short limited of time and there is no other way to get them anymore. Of course there are many other factors, but to keep it short, Global is P2W. Both Global and Core's rates are almost identical, excluding the talismans, I'd even say Global has a slighty higher success rate (don't take my word on it, though.) Pwnage died because there was lack of content and other servers with better aspects popped up. Let's not forget, Core could actually have made it if they didn't ban certain players back when they had Dekaron Live. There were not even included any solid evidence for them to get banned, other than ''they did bad things.'' What they did is still a mystery. They dedicated lots of time to get their gear, yes. Take into account they had people farming and helping them through all the farming, the newcomers doesn't have that luxuary simply because Dekaron is an outdated MMO which automatically result in a lower player-base. And as we all know, farming for hours alone isn't fun in the slightest. I understand you would prefer keeping your older and loyal players, but how would increasing the fortifying rates influence them? They got their gear already, so they can't really complain. IF they were to say things such as: ''why do it now, I spend lots of time farming my gear and then you just change it like that'' - well, then I have to say they are too closed-minded. If changes never happen, how can a game possibly improve? I highly doubt increasing the rates will make your older players leave because as you said yourself, they already got their gear and can already jump into action. To be frank, it wouldn't influence them in the slightest. At least not in a negative way. By increasing the rates, it will benefit both new and older players, and isn't that what your main concept should be? Trying to please as many as possible? It would benefit both parts in such a way that old players will have something more productive to do when more people get maxed out - it will promote more PKing which is one of the main aspects of a MMO/Dekaron and it will benefit newcomers because they won't get unmotivated the second they start the game because the rates are no longer as low as they previously were.
  12. What's wrong with this server

    You are just being stubborn. You have nothing productive to say in that regard, so you just throw something like ''Oh, let me throw in a cheeky little quote that everyone can use that doesn't consist of any proof or anything of that sort.'' Let's say you actually did make your gear. Okay? Good for you. Does that mean things are alright currently? No. Obviously the majority of the players who uses the forums thinks the rates are beyond ridiculous, yet you are still trying to prove them otherwise. I mean, okay, leave it as it is. I don't really care honestly. You will soon enough realise this will bite you in the ass. Have fun playing with your colleagues who thinks everything's alright as well. There will soon be more staff members than actual players here lol.
  13. What's wrong with this server

    False. The rates might have been the same back then, but I can guarantee you, there was complaints, and apparently, there still is. You guys fail to realise this server isn't 'exactly' newbie-friendly, which is also the reason most of the newcomers leave just as fast as they've got in. Most of the item here cost 10k+ DK Coins, if you want a somewhat decent equipment setup. How exactly are newbies going to farm at least 10k from the get-go? People move to private servers in context of having an easier gaming experience. It has roughly been 10 years since 2Moons/Dekaron was released, most people are really not looking to grind for months to get to the action. They want it as soon as possible & with these rates, I just don't see it going to happen. How do you expect newcomers to get geared? Farm DK Coins? Make items they then can sell for DK Coins? They can farm DK Coins, yes, that will however, require lots of time and as said, that's not what most players are looking for in a private server anymore. And they simply can't make any items because the server's fortifying rates are way too low. Unless you donate for talismans, of course. You could go on a compromise with the players by making the success rate from 1-9 100%. I personally found it a lot harder to get past +9, than making the items go +10-+13 itself when I played. By making it 100% from 1-9, it will still be quite hard to actually make the gear complete, but it will reduce the amount of frustrations the players may have when they constantly fail at 1-9, yet it will make it so much easier.
  14. Bored/Mad of waiting for Dragon Knight

    You're contradicting yourself. If it is so easy as you claim it to be, why don't you try it out yourself and send the files to the DEV? Like c'mon now. You most likely don't even know how this works.
  15. About Champ Event

    The amount of asskissing in this thread is surreal. Instead of pointing out who's best and who sucks, how about you give some constructive criticism as to how you can improve the tournaments so it'll be enjoyable for everyone. It's ridiculous how you can't even have a civil debate without it turning out to ''**** you, he's better.'' C'mon now. Y'all acting like a bunch of 12 year olds. ''Arguing'' like this won't get you anywhere.