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  1. What would you change? [Update]

    Dekaron Rebirt A6 Suggest: Decreased Incar Magician skill Earth Eruption damage Why (what would change): Because is still new skill and if u decreasing it mage will lose (maybe) best skill and all another chareter will have +1 new skill with good skill mage will -1 skill and that skill important to mage to Pve/Pvp.In Pve like if i go to kill juto i cant when i stun him and decreased some deff from him (bug it) and when i go to start to kill i have few skill only can use and if u decreased this skill Dmg will make me longer to kill much much long because another skill still weak on that./Pvp all my skill its slow and i cant counter i cant defend myself with these slow casting skills and that skill was some hope for mage for pvp. need balance in pvp and pve still i dont like how balance is broken and decreased this new skill - Hope for Mage The Solution: Remove this decreasing update/Add some Dmg on that same as Shuder Space Aeo skill mage or Meteor new skill need + 5 10k dmg more from that skill /If meteor meister new skill hit 100k need this skill hit same cuz is new or 120 130k not 70 80 k same as 160 lv skill dmg .... PLs Make samethink about it Ty
  2. I dont like it please recover old dmg it a new skill how can u decarasing it new skill decaresed i saw this post i was shoked wtf .... Im here to protest this update dont like it dont liked how mage new skill decreased because no one else chareter is deceressed new skill dmg and i loked some skill is better now aded + + + good options only mages low dmg low skill " Decreased Incar Magician skill Earth Eruption damage" !!!Pls dev make somethink about if u dont tell me why u decreased this why is the reason!!! Ty ..... / still don't like it this decreasing of dmg on that skill.
  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Nuubs :P

    Yea ^^ pls gm only that want f4om your... revive my Incar magician i will the best mage ty.
  4. How can I play with my old name

    This is my first name on this game İ want to play with my name DkTo İ like my name and this is all.İ dont need items i can make it the problem is not to recovery my acc my problem is i want to play with my name my lucky name Pls delete it or recovery it idk when u recovery it i can delete it and started again in my new acc.....Pls help 100% is my Acc...
  5. İ want to play with my old name but i cant because i lost my acc and now idk i made it 3-4 years before he is my first hero i want to play with my old name DkTo Pls HGM,GMs Or Dev HeLp Me
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1408175299429583&set=o.129726333795935&type=1&theater Тnx : Please read careful... Best ''Not Edited'' Screen Shot Event is starting again !