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  1. I am just curious!!!

    We will see the truth soon
  2. Serpents Magic 7cd DN 4cd 2ms 187imd Neptunes DN 4cd 4ms 147imd DN 5cd 163imd DN 4cd 2ms 154imd Dragon's Eyes DN 6cd 54imd Noble 4cd 1ms 157imd Noble 4cd 2ms 100imd I'm open for offers. Message me here or in game IGN ( ma3x ). Thanks
  3. WTS Stuff

  4. WTS Stuff

  5. i have old pants + 12 dn 2pr
  6. WTS Stuff

    Juto Bow + 13 4 x 7% Rhombus (Normal) = 8k Neptunes 5cd 163 IMD (DN) = 1,5k 4cd 154 IMD 2MS (DN) = 1k 4cd 147 IMD 4MS (DN) = 1,5k Costume Bagi Templar of blood = 300 Dks
  7. WTT rings

  8. WTT rings

    Well as i write above i want to trade em for id ones. But if u got any offer for some of them in dks share with me what u think im private massage. Thanks