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  1. WTT Wiz

  2. CaptainOpBlade Jounery Part 2

    Lol wtf is going on here
  3. WTT Wiz

    Helion Helm + 13 4x5k HP Helion Armor + 13 3x AMR 1x Flinch Helion Pants + 13 2x PR Hermes DN + 13 New Gloves + 12 6cd Gold Weap + 13 4x 14% Fire 3cd Base Inferno wings Trading for Bagi or DK same
  4. WTT Aloken

    No pants ser? I hope you have one
  5. Wizzard skills

    i dont use pyramid or rhombus .. and my wep is with gems, thats not the problem
  6. Wizzard skills

    I notice that after the update some of the wizzard skills do much lower damage than before. (Nightmare / Astral Darkness / Bioruji) are good it makes same dmg like before, but (Dark Wide / Dark Dragon / Distrebys Disblock) make just 4-5k damage! Please take attention on this. @DEV-Samurai , @GM-LightSide
  7. Sell VS

  8. Sell VS

    Legatus + 13 FG Helion Armor +13 3x10amr 1x10flinch Helion Pants+13 Noble 2x 2%pr Hermes +13 2x 2%speed New Gloves + 12 8CD 2%imd Gold Weap Noble 3CD 5CR 96ID +13 4x7% rhombus Moon Wings Selling for Dks (not by parts) acepting others sets/offers
  9. Gear Gone

    It seems like server trolled you sir.
  10. Helion Helm + 13 4x5k HP Helion Armor + 13 Noble 3x 10%amr 1x10%Flinch Helion Pants + 13 2x 2% PR New Gloves + 12 DN 5cd 1% dmg Hermes + 13 2x 2% Speed Juto Gold weap + 13 3cd base 4x 7% Rhombus Helion Wings Sell for Dks or Aloken items
  11. Time Frames

    A6 UTC+3 Online: 17:00 - 00:00
  12. I am just curious!!!

    We will see the truth soon
  13. Serpents Magic 7cd DN 4cd 2ms 187imd Neptunes DN 4cd 4ms 147imd DN 5cd 163imd DN 4cd 2ms 154imd Dragon's Eyes DN 6cd 54imd Noble 4cd 1ms 157imd Noble 4cd 2ms 100imd I'm open for offers. Message me here or in game IGN ( ma3x ). Thanks