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  1. Christmas RING

    Yes agree, and lets give full +13 set for all newbie tho. XĐ
  2. Op Dmg ? O.o

    I'm never toxic, just saying the truth. :3 XĐ
  3. Op Dmg ? O.o

    I think that can 100k on ya def ser. :3
  4. Op Dmg ? O.o

    Dual Blade of course.
  5. Op Dmg ? O.o

    Alright if know dat, also not really hard job to hit with it. For example: Rutnar+Familiar Spirit OR Nasconder+Familiar Spirit OR Regression Hell+Familiar Spirit Etc etc....
  6. Op Dmg ? O.o

    Hello Core server so so so, just take a look up like sometimes. And tested out the new skills etc of Concerra, and LOOL WTF Was dat dmg. Also how Vs can able to deal dmg like me as Cs ? O.o with more def... So imagine when i put this on pvp 16 sec cooldown, 3-4 and not even used any other skills, just dodging and running out of enemy skills, pro cs-s know what i talk about...
  7. GiveAway.

    So the winner is Ancy !!! April fools !!!
  8. GiveAway.

    The tilte says all, i give out my set items dks etc... Pm me here the first 3 comment wins. Good luck !
  9. Hello Frends :D

    I will if it does, the correct number is.
  10. Selling.

  11. Selling.

    Still bump!
  12. Hello Frends :D

  13. Hello Frends :D

    Greeting fellows again ! Time to time frends,random ppls,enemys O.o asking me where is the "LionS". So i talked about this with friends, and if i see they up for it, then i do my job and do my best. If i see the intention, 10 like or comment, then i take my "free" time and drive it the LionS to the divine land again. PS: Hau Hau Hau !!!
  14. 4 K Shield Gem