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    Pm me on discord when i'm online i have shield aura n high ms-cd rings tho !
  2. Account hijacking a scamming

    This guy is some newbie who wanted to be rich fast ? Or some oldie with new names ? Also GJ Core Staff for care about your player base !
  3. Selling.


    Google it what keylogger means, they can find (staff) everything on database who log each account from ip's. Thats what happened me on the time when Quaz was HGM, n it was a keylogger aka hacker. Idk whats up now, when someone is naked with right staff.

    So i make ya a quick staff reply, don't share your account infos. You have to learn from this situation n never share infos again. For example long time ago i got scammed by keylogger n quaz did his job instant n caught my items. But on you situation they wont do make any steps. Gl on future have a nice day!

    "You n you frends" So it means you share acc infos to each others. Also you frends share acc infos tho ? If i'm not wrong one of you frends scammed all of ya. But if you n you frends don't share it then some keylogger works well, n sam can chack the logs.
  7. Selling.

  8. Some years ago =)

    All fine, i do the same thing like Fircesborn. Only look on forum, login sometimes to bully ppls, shout sell n buy few things, but thats like all we do here. Pvp kinda fkdup on many char aka unballanced aff. They pk newbies or just for dont lett others to farm, (not for fun like old times.) But if some elite will back to play again, i will join us. Like Kanii,Zack,Akiri,PkProject,Tyrath,Fircesborn,Greedy,Pitbull,Kapu etcetc names. PS: If have question about server status feel free pm me, ma od vs champ.
  9. Some years ago =)

    Tears n drama, lemme get some popcorn ! Also hai Zack.
  10. Selling.

    I dont need other set thx. Pure dks i need.
  11. Something Something...

    Damn it, looks pretty cool !
  12. Selling.

  13. Selling.

  14. Balance Balance Balance

    Everyone knows he is not a clean fighter(toxic ser), but he says right, the pvp balance is 0. For example wtf is that segu "diskalo" wich makes 0 resist on any opponent. Thats means no matter how much def you have it does spr dmg, so if i good carculate a full spr segu can do 80-100k x10 times easy, each 170-180 skills. Borrow me a segu set and i can make a video about it. This is one of huge class ballance bug i example it here. By the way here is alott class bug on server and there is no staff for fix it, they wont listen the player base whos played years here. For fck shake who the hell need new costume n wings, ring n shit when cant do a good pvp without huge bug ? O.o Thats my short opinion. Ps: More power for core !
  15. ToxicBow

    Well idk whos that random hunter, champion they say or something like dat ! XĐ