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  1. Balance Balance Balance

    Everyone knows he is not a clean fighter(toxic ser), but he says right, the pvp balance is 0. For example wtf is that segu "diskalo" wich makes 0 resist on any opponent. Thats means no matter how much def you have it does spr dmg, so if i good carculate a full spr segu can do 80-100k x10 times easy, each 170-180 skills. Borrow me a segu set and i can make a video about it. This is one of huge class ballance bug i example it here. By the way here is alott class bug on server and there is no staff for fix it, they wont listen the player base whos played years here. For fck shake who the hell need new costume n wings, ring n shit when cant do a good pvp without huge bug ? O.o Thats my short opinion. Ps: More power for core !
  2. ToxicBow

    Well idk whos that random hunter, champion they say or something like dat ! XĐ
  3. Balance Balance Balance

    Make core great again ! HAUHAUHAU
  4. How is this even possible?

    Just a visual bug. Don't get stroke cuz of that !
  5. Jogadores Brasileiros

  6. The need to balance magic and physical classes

    @{KING}ShinjiThis ser way tooo pro no one can handle dat op tits ! Without joke, core is fcked up the server ballance when put in dragon knight, remember the time when a +10 dk fck every champ with +13 op gears. Also i can explain here many times when one kind of char own all others so... i dont think so complaining help on dat server, but some suggestion maybe, if Core staff accept n listen the experienced players O.o ?! But this is my opinion only :C more power for core !
  7. Someone close this nonsense talking ? thx.

    Well idk i never do that fish thing max with my segnale, cuz for have piranha to boss hunting. But i think ur problem is compare fishers to farmers, it's like afk farming or botting. Maybe this is your point, if good i thinking ? Fisher,Champion,King,Cheater they said ! XĐ

    Biggest cheater ever i meet ! Yes go play from potato like 10 yo kids ! Also happycat still dont get your point, few years ago they make a way for login only with 2 clients. Maybe many ppl complain about this, n went back to normaly dekaron style. Imagine it not all ppls lazy, maybe they have son,family,work etc etc n can't play that mutch as he wants, but still want to stay enought strong compare to others.
  10. Selling Hunter Gear +13

    110K Dks For All, Pm Me Here Or In Game Thx !
  11. Upgrade Gold axe2hnded to Saphire

    Looks like 2H Sword you mean ! ? But yes thats a bug, and dev already know about this issue. I think they will fix it on future.
  12. Harrassment by GianeKate

    Why you call my name everywhere ? u are gay or love me ? wtf wrong with ur fcking head u son of bitch ? i told u many times stop call my name, when some random player report you, 1st step u call my name, or should i report u again for HARRAS ? cuz i'm not even here, but u still writing Ancy everywhere stop it boi this is my last warn for you !
  13. Xmass Time ! :D

    Also, happy new year!

    Try using big letters and numbers, maybe helps your issue.
  15. Xmass Time ! :D

    Want to wish merry xmas to core ppls !