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  1. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    Strutting on the Red Carpet IGN: Teferi Class: Mage
  2. You can also have a Best Birthday Meme Event. Less complicated and less preparation. But all entries should be originals.
  3. xXSOOWOOXx Jailed for selling items for real money

    Please review the rules, there is no provision against buying or selling items for real money: http://forum.core-games.net/rules.html/rules/in-game-forum-rules-r1/ EDIT: I see now that a huge portion of it seems to be missing, the numbering jumped from 2 to 12.
  4. A Form of Voice..

    @SwordBeam That's a very self-centered comment and it would have been better if you kept that to yourself. Of course it's not your problem, but it is not a player's fault if his country's connection is inherently slow, as in the case of the Philippines. Neither is it his fault if he tries to find a way to improve his game latency to be competitive. If, by your statement, you mean to say that they should just make do with their "shit" net, and just play through their disadvantage, wouldn't that mean you like playing against players with a handicap? VPNs/GPNs allow players to be on even terms with you guys. The issue should just be limited to the WTFAST effect, and not VPNs/GPNs in general. Still not getting it? VPNs/GPNs except WTFAST = fair play, WTFAST = game wrecker. Your comment puts you down there along with the guys who use cheats to win.
  5. To GMs Ya let ya players act like this ??

    The second one seems to be just regular trash talk. And yeah bro, its best to rise above it.
  6. To GMs Ya let ya players act like this ??

    @xBuyerIV There is a separate rule for disrespecting the staff. But this is indeed terrible behavior. They still need to follow the rules about the penalties, though . The offense count, however, should not only apply to a character, but to the player. If he does this again in a different account, it should be considered 2nd offense. @GM-LightSide What these guys are trying to say is that posting the relevant rule but not doing any action on it seems confusing. You seem to be waiting for someone else to take action. Can't you take action by yourself?
  7. EllinBR stun hack

    @{Champion}xBeNjIe Please make an effort to try to understand what I said, thank you.
  8. EllinBR stun hack

    The stun could be a bug, but if the effect is two-fold: (1) target gets stunned for a ridiculously long time, and (2) the character who did the stun gets disconnected, then I don't think it can be abused like what benjie did. Your character lived, didn't it? With benjie's, the victim ended up like a piñata while benjie slapped him senseless until he died. Benjie's issue was abuse. Bugs are not a player's fault.
  9. suggestion for the server

    This has been suggested and discussed a long time ago, it is not a solution. There are A9 people who won't play A3 and there are A3 people who won't play A9. The content might seem to be similar, but if you played enough of both, you will see there is a remarkable difference in the gameplay. If you make one server, you will have to choose which platform to retain, and you are bound to lose the other group.
  10. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    There is actually a huge difference in the videos presented. In the pvp video, it was very clear that it was you who stunned your opponent, but in this one, the VS was already stunned when the video started. The message on the chatbox only proves that Txiv attacked him, but not necessarily that it was Txiv that stunned him. This is arguable, while yours is not.
  11. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    @{Champion}xBeNjIe The video that showed that your opponent was kept silent almost from the beginning until he died should be enough to get you banned. As a player, I would have no more interest in playing a game where an opponent can just slap my character around until it dies and I won't be able to hit back at all, and the admin will just allow it. That is thoroughly BROKEN. Obviously, it would be fun to whoever is doing the killing, and that's why you are saying it makes you happy, but I don't reckon it would be any fun to the hapless victim. While you argue that your use of wtfast is not a cheat, by your own admission, you did a BUG EXPLOIT, and I think that is covered under Rule #2 as well. Everyone who willfully does anything that seriously imbalances the game outside of its normal parameters in their favor deserve to be banned. @killer1991 What happened in your video should not be allowed as well. My concern with your video, however, is that by the time the video started, you were already stunned, so it was not clear who stunned you. Yes, it is visible on the chatbox that Txiv attacked you, but it can be argued that he attacked you AFTER you got stunned, because your video does not show the stunning. And also, when Dkcromwell attacked you, you were already stunned, so again, it can be argued that he was not the one who effected the prolonged stun. This is perhaps the reason why the staff is hesitant to act on your report. From my point of view, if it can be established, perhaps from the logs, that no one else but Txiv attacked you before you got stunned, then Txiv should be banned. As for Dkcromwell, as I said, it is highly arguable. Bottom line, if all the cheaters and bug exploiters are gone from this game, and the game will be played purely on skill, perseverance, and a bit of luck, then what a wonderful game this would be.
  12. benjie banned but what about these 2????

    Holy shit! Kyle is dead?
  13. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    That video should be enough to ban Benjie. @{KING}Shinji Just because someone else also cheated does not make what Benjie did right. All cheaters should be banned.
  14. Stun Effect Cheats!

    Duh? Isn't GPN simply a VPN dedicated to gaming? And its not even an accusation anymore, even the management recognizes that it has an unfair effect on the gameplay, for why else would they say they hope the A6 upgrade will solve the issue? EDIT: Oh, I see now. Your defense of GPN being different from VPN comes directly from the wtfast website. But still, don't they use the same principle of using tunnels? And still, it does not change the fact that your "GPN" affects skills, so just stop with defending it already.
  15. Stun Effect Cheats!

    @Head-GM-Waffle I think what the players who are complaining are trying to say is that they might not be able to show you how the cheat is done since whatever is going on is obviously done on the cheater's end. They are simply asking that if a skill does more that what it is supposed to do, like very long stuns, and there is evidence of it, then there should be presumption of tampering of some way, and that whoever is doing it should be penalized. On the other hand, to my co-players, the management might also be wary about imposing penalties on this grounds since one of the software responsible has been declared to be legal and its use seems to be widespread and therefore a lot people could end up getting penalized, and we might lose a significant number of players, further dwindling our community. @{Champion}xMortisha Enough with gpn/vpn defense, it is getting rather pathetic. Try to get this into your brain: the community will not mind whatever ping-lowering software you use, just as long as it does not have game mechanic-altering effects, that's all. While it is true that the management has already ruled that the gpn/vpn in question is not illegal, to use something to get an unfair advantage over others is still technically called cheating. To delimit the definition of cheating only to the obvious ones like telehack, etc is a rather shallow-minded way of looking at it. Bottom line, I can't wait until the A6 upgrade is done, and hopefully it would make all these go away.