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  1. Curious

    exactly. Ive been good about it lately but in some occasions when core seems to be on top voting the website always goes down.....
  2. Treasure Hunt Event

    sorry I missed it (:
  3. Curious

    after the servers I have played this is what I have to say. I Like how professional staff can be. I met everlast in A9 pwnage. She does an amazing job and keeps everything clean and nice for everyone. I admire that. Its been many years since I ever touch my A3 account and when I came back everything has been the way I left it. Server always hosting event keeping everyone happy and doesnt make the server too easy for players. Its right on the dot. Also most players in server act pretty decent. you still have a few very childish people but Other servers are coverd with it. you guys are always adding stuff and trying to fix as many problems as you can. and much more.
  4. Newbie here pls help asap

    fishing for fish dk coins can be farmed from various maps: plane of pilgram, elenhom, ice castle, sacred claw, even ardeca but very low. You have to find what map you like to farm them at. plane of pilgram is usually pretty easy to farm dk and feathers. EDIT: also when you are max you can farm dk and feather from max df
  5. Sunday Siege Battle Reborn Server 29/11/2015

    thanks for the invite. It was enjoyable
  6. Newbie here pls help asap

    what class you play. I can figure out the stats for you if you can find them. the highest wep you can get is blistering wep 175.
  7. Newbie here pls help asap

    Segnale is optional it is easier to level but your choice may vary. On the weekend you can find people leveling due to exp rate being higher during weekdays its harder to find people to help you level. for the first 4 rb I suggest you staying full hp build till you make gear. this is my leveling guide, others may do differently 1-48 Ardeca in the back circle of the top right corner of map 48-64 crespo 64-100 crespo dugeon 100-135 python dugeon (the python dugeon teleporter is inside ardeca near the core and exchange agency) 135-165 plane of pilgram (teleporter in ardeca) 150-185 ice castle 150 side (teleporter in ardeca near the colosuem/ siege tunnel) 185-200 sacred claw (teleporter in ardeca) 200-225 ice castle 200 side 225-250 elenhom (some people go to dravis at 235)
  8. Oppinion

    segnal.........heals...........dmg deals....................ks pro.................aoe productive.................support mode always ready

    will you sell hunter Items or you just want to trade
  10. He was spamming still in ardeca about an hour ago saying the same thing
  11. KiLeRSegNaL

    teşekkür ederim @Sefa
  12. KiLeRSegNaL

    yea I know. scary business (:
  13. KiLeRSegNaL

    He shouted to sell 11% dmg curse. Many people were trying to buy it, but I Was able to send in the first trade. first deal was 30dk, I offered 12 dk and 20 mil. He put the dmg gem then switch to the resist gems without my notice. I know that this was my fault for not being more careful with watching the trade but I would like to warn others just incase they would want to do futher business with this person who is not so honest. thanks here are ss. NOTE: I did ask tell this person that this is not what I wanted, he gave me the wrong item and asked for a retrade and return the items. He immediately logged out after I asked of this. then laughed at me from his alt chara . this is just to inform other before trading with this person, not to set any kind of flame or issue. Thanks
  14. Its All About Pepsi :3

    water is better (:
  15. i think you need to see ths to

    İts not a problem. I just downloaded the manual patch. thank you.