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  1. THATS WHY CORE is NOW only TOP 4 :/

    well 3-4 weeks im voting cos i cant play well itought all votes that im voting is increasing but ireally dont know why idont have my votes :/ -IGN: BabyBlue3yes ineed your concern core-staffs
  2. idont know why this man crying with my set :(

    hahaha idol yano <3
  3. Very Disappointed </3

    After of waiting farming just to make +12 trying to +13 1 dced and rollback thiis is shit game was so disappointed </3 @Head-GM-Quaz @Core-Master
  4. He scammed me = IP ban thnx

    Aw . :/ but the problem is not my item iwant to ban that player they can survive on the game using cheating :/ maybe sir you can do more just to ban this ..
  5. He scammed me = IP ban thnx

    ok thank you
  6. @Head-GM-Quaz @MOD-Sarimanok ip ban him..dont care about items iwant to ip ban him for scamming and keeping unfair ingame
  7. WTS LIST!! +13 Ak hermes =SOLD BAGI +13 d.gauntlet clean=20k dk +13 Ak Mh With gems =15k dk /same vs +13 D.sword 33 % Ice =dks +13 blist wand 33% ld [MAGIC] =dks /vs same +12 Ak new Dn Armor with gems =8k dk +12 Ak new pants with gems 2% pr =SOLD +12 Ak new dn Gloves with 4cd &2% damage = Vs or dk +3 Ak fest =2k/vs same WTB LIST ! +12/+13 Blist tb +13 MH vs +12/+13 legion pants or dn pants +12/13 legion armor Dn new gloves +12 7% cd up. Fest +3 vs P m. M e here or INGAME UntiledConcerra or leave price or offers below! Thankyou
  8. Take a break!

  9. So this player will banned as soon as gm who had power with this case ?
  10. Dks with php seller
  11. About fortify system !

    Yeah you can go now and play with easy server
  12. About fortify system !

    Actually Its not giving a challenge for a plater its giving them stress for being angry and make them quit :3