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  1. List of Countries!!!

    Too many issue = remove cvc {Champion} {KING} champ aura wing costume. Just send the dshop price. And do random pvp event weekly. Better Price for siege winner, df winner, dk sq winner, dungeon reward.
  2. Seguriper CVC event

    please know your char first. how many time do i need to tell this shit.
  3. Seguriper CVC event

    he want me to fight without using 170 180 skills sir
  4. Seguriper CVC event

    just let him think that he is the best, and we just laugh on his boboness sir.
  5. Seguriper CVC event

    ok bobo. you can post ss too. im here to look for it.
  6. Seguriper CVC event

    yes, you can say all you want. im here for you to listen. but use only one account ok? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  7. Seguriper CVC event

    its ok bro. i know you cant accept that you lose by legion set, +10gloves aba scyth. by your stupidity. its ok bro. i know it just fresh to your mind. you can drama here alot till you accept the fact you lose. and youl wait one year again. its ok bro HAHAHAHA
  8. Seguriper CVC event

    i use my skill not bug, cant accept the fact? or real bobo in your self?
  9. Seguriper CVC event

  10. 16. False Accusations• Accusing a player of scamming or cheating in the game without any proof will result in the following punishment.• Punishment:• 1st Offense 72 hour/ 3 Day Jail time• 2nd Offense 168 hour/ 7 days jail time• 3rd Offense Loss of character So they accusing me about this bug without proof. HeadTaker and this Quiro @DEV-Samurai PLEASE CHECK THE VIDEO of segu fights and DECIDE. someone need to shutp up and need to learn lesson to jail.
  11. Seguriper CVC event

    you lose i win
  12. Seguriper CVC event

    greatness foooollllllllllllllllllllllll im done with you kid. you lose i win. so shut up
  13. Seguriper CVC event

    another bobo. when i use piyajus youl get 3 debuff i get 3buff 3 debufff = 6. who are you in game? sterben shinigami? watch all vid stupid they were dc when i have to use my 170 180. which i have to use and thats how i play it in a9 a6.
  14. Seguriper CVC event

    And lets end the story here. You lose. I win. Ask Dev to check the Video. You lose. I win. You BOBO. Not Pro