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  1. Buy Dshop

    B> Dshop 40k = 80k DK
  2. Sell

  3. Sell

  4. Sell

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  6. DrLiar5 banned for wallhack

    He use cheat to farm and those items traded to main. Main is safe, cheat farmer ban = not a punishment. He can make another alt, different account with different info, vpn for ip.
  7. Sell

  8. Sell

  9. The need to balance magic and physical classes

    Element and magic dmge are different. Seg, segu = curse damager. Their decrease curse resistant ARE the real OP. + OP gems +14% element damage. = more dmge. You can see at cvc the difference. Seg fight has low dmge. Because they use all buffs + curse helm = high AMR. With their decrease curse they still got cap 75%. Segu fight, you can see those rhombus user lose to curse users. Segu Diskalo is the real OP. Your curse resist will down to 0%. Wizz, Mage are Magic damage. And magic damage are OP. For me the solution is rework the buffs, some items (ex. Pants has high pr) , make cap PR 50%.
  10. Harrassment by GianeKate

    Dont talk to anyone if you guys dont want to be called idiot, noob, etc. + you are the wrong one sir. If someone sell high price then ignore, no one ask you to buy his items. You dont need to say your price is high, you are dreaming etc. you can just reply, "ok". Then ignore.
  11. Sell

  12. So Ancy is gay? Using that way to scare ppl. Your way is better. They Trashtalk you, you trashtalk too. Teach them to be like that sir, since you are in same guild now.
  13. Is not really about the PK. Jailing with that SS really a Bias. We can see which is lightside and darkside. But saying Noob is OK. Trashtalkng is OK. But report trashtalk to jail player is not. Grow up. Enjoy the game. Dont kill the server, VIPs.
  14. This one look worse than those. And no action.