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  1. Christmas RING

    Igot 2x.
  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Sesame Rice Cake and White Stuffed rice cake cannot use at same time.
  3. Christmas RING

    Bad Idea because you owned those ring. So do not let other have one?

    all kind of timed dshop wings make them same price,permanent, stat of hellion wing. so not only moon wing we can see in game they are all unused ( high price with low stat )
  5. Christmas RING

  6. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    just report all bugs you see it will help alot for Dev. he cant find all the problem alone. releasing a6, we can help him seeing which need to fix. crying about pvp wont fix the problem.
  7. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    +30% exp on cannabis not working.
  8. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    No XP at Plane lvl135. When in party Ruin rudni map = dc then char at ardeca after loging in (havent tried bazz ) Castor cave map at draco is norak. Exp is low than last a3. Tower of phoenix still blocked
  9. S>

  10. S>

  11. S>

    5x Fury Aura 2x Canabis Abbadon Scyth +13 Vegeance Boots +12 Vestio Helmet+12 Vestio Gloves +12 Butterfly Wing AK +0, CS +0, Seg +2 VS Wing of Gold Dragon 230days Devil Wing Segu 250Days 155 DK coins, 483 Feathers, 3743 Gold Argates, 625 Crystal, 396 Diamond , 1 B Dils = 20k Dshops or 25k DK coin in a3( selling all at once not by item)
  12. Ofc its hard atm

    Do you play at a9? Dil is hard af. TP cost too much. +Ing cost to much since the max is +13. +10-+13 is way to much for this drop rate of dils. Lvling is af. Not alot of map to lvl. Lvl225+ 1df = 3% of xp.
  13. GiveAway.

    3rd #April 01
  14. Birthday Video Challenge.

  15. Fashion Screenshot Challenge