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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Yes it was. You could create a solo party and enter - wasnt necessary to invite anyone. I think it should be this way (like it was on A3) because we got used to it and Abyss is easy. Transup had lower cooldown than the duration. Wasnt decided to keep the same skills cooldowns and functionality as on A3? Why is it different now? An since we are on this matter, why DK skills had been change (no stun/slow) - i know she was OP but this too much at once. Keep in mind that i voted to change the skills to A6 functionality. Add the Bulion exchange near Dears - i was the one who proposed to be added there and @DEV-Samurai you know that i had some good points to why it should be there. Since we are on new files (server and client) is it any chance that gems in gloves could work now? (i know the priority now are bug fixes but this should be kept in mind for future updates). And that damn drop rate (from bosses) - ya, ya, i know i stressed you out with this but now it seems worse than ever...
  2. prepare to start a new

    I dont think we will lose anything but the skills. You got scared because you might seen that you are missing some items from A3 on A6 now but that's because A6 is now on an older database backup (some backup from december on january because i have jcoins). That wont be the case on official launch because dev will close the A3 server, make a fresh copy of the database and will import it to A6 ... and you will have everything. Maybe, as i said, excepting skills that work differently on A6 - and if that's the case, just start saving like 400 mil dils on every character that you have (that's not a big deal if you ask me)
  3. To get rid of the 4 errors when you start the client just copy everything from A3 game instal folder/bin/redist and replace in A6
  4. spammer

    @GM-LightSide You guys (staff) went way over the top with this rule. I'm not a spam hunter, i never was and now i surely wont be. Why? 1. Too much work for catching someone break a rule that doesnt negatively impact gameplay that much. 2. From 00:00 to 05:00 server time you can easy break this rule. You can shout, do something else for 5 minutes (like kill a boss), come back and shout again and you have the chance that no one shouted in between. There's almost nobody active in that timeframe. 3. Now it's harder to edit (blur out) your name, HP and MP in a video. Maybe i dont want to reveal my character and build to everyone ... It would be easier just to request a decreased chat opacity so you can see the background. This way it will require someone to have good photoshop skills to edit it without being obvious. Add to the rule that you can screenshot with F12 and that the ss you took will be saved in game folder/data/screenshot. 80% of ppl around here dont know that! Add a subrule that if you edit the chat box in any way when reporting someone, you get 1 week ban or something like that ... Maybe you can make a new GM like position - someone invisible that will move around maps, screen recording, haunting for rule breakers ... P.S.: Rules topic needs an update!
  5. Jail is a map that you cant teleport out of. It's a simple move command if the player's character and the GM are ingame. If the character isnt ingame, normal GMs cant do it. Only Head GM, Core Master and i think Head Dev, have access to special console on web page - from there they can change characters location, ban and do some other things. So ya, you see why this takes longer... I think things like real life threat should be a grater offence than a bad word and this hole matter should be checked deeper - like in chat logs ... i dont want to post details but both of you deserve some time on the bench (or no action to be taken) If you press F12 ingame a printscreen will be saved in your game folder/data/screenshot.
  6. Hi! Miss me!? xD xTremeTop100 doesnt give dek-votes (d-shop coins). I tried chrome (windows and android), edge and firefox (android) ... cleared cookies and browsing data on all of them and still doesnt work. The other 2 voting sites work just fine on all browsers .
  7. Registration Championship

    Championship event announced on Facebook :P
  8. Fishing

    Would be nice but i dont think it's possible the way you said. There are 2 possibilities: 1. The way it is now - you can open as many clients with different accounts as your computer (or computers) can handle 2. The way most of ppl wont agree with - you can open only one client on each computer. You cant even open the second client on the same computer... So ya, 1. is kind of bad (but not that bad) and 2. is worst (thats rly bad) ...
  9. Core Staff Aura Design

    Work in progress ... I'm opened to any suggestion! Why Core Games Staff !? Because it can be used on all staff members - no need to have multiple designs for all different members (Guard, GM, Dev, ...)
  10. Dragon Knight D-shop Wings

    Dragon knight blistering weapon dmg was adjusted in the lats patch - now it has 10% more damage than dragon weapon ... About Strawberry and Frog - maybe he forgot or didnt saw your report
  11. bugs

    I rly dont see your point in all of this ... I just told you that windows xp was good but with a big WAS. Now, if you want to play any games or have a real productivity machine (pc) you need the latest, and the latest is w10 with dx12. I dont care what you do or for how long if you do it wrong right now or just because you are melancholic! And btw, i didnt do just 1 pc in my life ... i have worked in a pc shop and service for many years and that teached me one very important thing: The biggest problem for a computer is the person that use it! Your network doesnt impress anyone if you run it on win xp ... and is anything but safe - win xp didnt get any security updates since microsoft dropped support for it! If you want to do that right, run linux! But if you do it just because you can and cant think outside win XP than dont praise yourself - it's not a reason to glorify yourself! About win 10 updates ... ya, good, it gets lots of them ... that's a good thing - they fix bugs and update security ... win xp doesnt get that anymore. By today standards xp has 0 security! Now tell me, was win xp perfect on launch day? How many updates it had? How many service packs? Was it ever the perfect OS? New kernel for win 10 ... did you ever think why? Everything that they had until then was outdated so they needed something new! So, the point is simple: If you want to play games or to actually do something productive on your computer and be safe, get some new components (even if a core2duo works just fine), build a computer and use win 10. Or keep your xp - Its like you want to race in F1 2017 with an Alfa Romeo 157 If you are not opened to suggestions, dont come in here and complain about how bad thing work for you! This is the last time i post in your topic. I will not even read what you will say next - i dont see any point since you dont get that in order to run anything "up to date" you need an OS "up to date" with all dx runtimes and ".net crapwork"! GL with your outdated crapdows xp ! I hope you dont get hacked and loose everything! I wish you the best!
  12. First post updated! - Vip aura link (mod) removed due to better version made for live! - Added 2 versions for str curse effect!
  13. bugs

    Until December last year one of my computers had rly old hardware - core2duo e6550, 2 gb ddr2, integrated gpu, 80gb hdd and it run dekaron, LoL and some old games on w10 flawlessly. If you are one of those conspirationist guys that are scared that microsoft is watching you download porn than stick to your 22 years old windows. But ya, obviously you never tried a genuine copy of windows 10 (or any other version for that matter), only torrent cracked crap. In this moment a computer with win xp is good only for wasting energy, oh, w8, maybe you heat your room on cold days with it ... let me see you try to run directx 10, 11, 12 games and programs on that ! So dont tell me to do my research when you have zero productivity on your computer and you trust every bullsheet on the net - wasnt your kind supposed to extinct during the "End Of the world" in 2000, 2008, 2011, 2012 ?
  14. bugs

    @happycat bosses don't drop proper at best if they do it s like 1 item example the elonohim bosses drop 1 when on reg usual 2 3 items on 2 x drop usually 5-6 items now if it drops 1 were lucky most time it s nothing and all bosses are doin that ring bosses and gem 1 same and usually crap or a dk or just dill lolz - Elonohm bosses drop was updated in the last patch. Every change need some testing and it's a good thing you posted this. I'm sure dev-sam will adjust this in the next patch. Btw, what ring bosses have bug (none of them where changed ...) ? trans up has a glitch pause in it that was'nt there before so when u run it stops before if u did trans up while running u did' nt stop - The way transup works was changed a few patches ago to fix it from not activating both buffs. It should work a lil better in the way it is now - the animation is faster and more forced ... the downside is that the char now stops for o moment. also most bosses jump and sorta tele every where and the not stable they fidget and wain - Was always like this and this bug only appears after a long time being online. Try to reconnect before going to bosses. as well as i noticed a jitter in this new client that was not present in the old 1 also some times it take a moment before the effects like +3 wings or npc loads which was not present in the last client and its the same pc was on the last client and had no issues or saw anything to offset the game running or its behavior - New client has more files and textures but, despite that, it has better loading times because is more optimized ... even so, it works better on newer CPUs with higher clock speeds and if you run it from a ssd. Windows XP was a good OS but now it's outdated and you cant still call it lean - it's crapdows ... and that .net crapwork as you call it is required by many games ... No updates - hmm, what updates? Microsoft dropped support and updates for XP like 3 years ago . Keep up ... install win 10 - it runs even on a 10 years old dual core CPU
  15. DF With the GMs

    Good one! +1 from me!