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  1. Championship multi account issue

    Lmao stick to the topic lovebirds
  2. Top Azure Knight For All Season

    1. Shinjihirako 2. Akiri 3. DubstepZ 4. Primus No discussion :| beeast Ak’s
  3. Class Championship 2019 Event

  4. Class Championship 2019 Event

    It says 90 day wings, i assume thats wrong?
  5. Class Championship 2019

    Yeah of course broThe organization shouldn’t take that much time in my opinion, put out applications, set rules and prizes(copy-paste from earlier years), close applications after 2 weeks, create brackets and blend seeds. I think i can confirm that everyone is gasssed about this event
  6. Class Championship 2019

    Postphone even more? Bad idea.... and which buggs are you refering to? I think there will be no issues with lightside hosting it by himself, as he did almost all classes last year (?)
  7. Class Championship 2019

    3 per day would be nice. Hard to tell now, as you said some classes has more players than others. Suggest to decide when applications are closed

    Couldn't have said it better, totally agree with you! Increase amount of GP/PP in DKSquare and decrease in Dead front. There would be people who will get mad if mavricks gets added because, some of us worked hard to get those DN parts and the value of them would drop alot. Anywho, im open for changes! add em' ! And as @WHISTLER quoted, would be more stuff to farm which is also good. More opinions? comon guys

    Hello guys I've seen alot of new changes going on in the server which is really nice, and im happy for this. Dead fronts are active, DKsquare etc. +1 @DEV-Samurai And a new/old GM return, @GM-Korrz welcome back, again! looking forward to see what you can do to help core to become even greater. Waiting to see some more twists with gp/pp points events and such, so I hopefully this gets done once things are settled. And also still waiting to see some more GMs to get things speeded up in the time forward... PP points as of now are not useable for anything? make some sort of shop for these, im sure its already in progress. Mavrick's? Been told they would get added soon idk what peoples opinions are about those (feel free to comment) New wings? Awhile ago @DEV-Samurai posted a picture on discord about some new wings which was going to be added, still havent seen em. Belts and armlets? In my opinion we dont need to add them, but just asking to get a final answer about that.
  10. 123 Ruin medial(pants, boots) bugged

    Anyone tested if these work now on A6?
  11. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    Its good that df got gp points added BUT, would be nice to have it farmable in abbys/dungeons aswell etc. There is no downside to gp in df
  12. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    Who are you? lol
  13. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    ''Able to go hybrid'' lol... anyone with abit of experience within the char could make a vs hybrid now and it would work nicely. If you read trough the REVAMP points @Scribbler made there are mostly stun skills, because useful stunskills is an ability VS lack alot of (compared to female version CS). I can agree that some points he made would make staff VS too op. Mostly the stun add's we need the most imo

  15. Dual ak weird lookin' eh

    xD indeeed, hope samu sees it and fixes it