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  1. WTS list

    +13 magic helion VS armor 1 line def clean = 9k dk +13 gold bow 4x 7% rhombus 6% cd base = 25k dks +13 gold xbow 4x 7% rhombus 3 cd 1 line id = 18k 4x 7% pyramid gems = 750 dks each inferno hunter wings = 4.5k dks
  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Mage skill ''Shudder space'' is also still doing alot of dmg
  3. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    The skill decreases defence, instead of increase defence. For both characters
  4. oOCutieMarieOo / o0CutieMarie0o real money

    Rip both of you, bread and cutie lmao hahaha

    I agree on what ur saying, cooldown on 170-200 skills should be decreased and also dmg of all chars, to make pvp last longer and more balanced. Ive watched a few pvps with hunters, wizards, summies and mages, since the latest update and seemed more unbalanced than in the previous update
  6. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    +1, also the 20-30% talismans
  7. +13 legatus 4x 5000 HP gems = 13k +13 legatus 4x 96 medials = 13k +13 normal armor 3x 10% AMR 1x 10% flinch = 11k +13 normal armor 3x 123 medials 1x 10% flinch = 12k +12 DN new gloves 2% dmg 7% cd = 3k +13 DN pants 1% physical resist 2x 2% phys resist gems = 25k +13 Noble boots 2 line def = 13k +13 GOLD bow 6% cd 4x 7% rhombus = 25k +13 GOLD xbow 3% cd 79+ damage 4x 7% rhombus = 20k SELLING FULL SET ONLY, PURE DK
  8. 123 Ruin medial(pants, boots) bugged

    It's on A3, i thought it worked but an old friend told me that it had been bugged for awhile. We tested and yes, it was bugged.. But yeah im guessing it will be fixed for A6 just letting you know
  9. So, i tested the ruin medial (pants, boots) and it does show in ur def stats, but no effect when ur opponent hits you. same dmg with medial as without. @MOD-Kyle @DEV-Samurai @Co-Head-GM-Inori @Co-Head-Siren @Co-Head-LightSide
  10. +13 gold juto xbow normal = 10k dk +13 gold juto bow normal = 10k dk Pm me here or in game -Tyrath/Corona
  11. GiveAway.

    Dont give it out to strangers bro !! Sell to npc like me and swan