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  1. S>Aloken Items

  2. S>Aloken Items

  3. S>Aloken Items

    WTS Gold Juto Spear +13 3cd 7% FG = 20k DK's WTS Abba Guard +13 1ms line 2x def line 2x 96 Medial Gems = 10k DK's WTS Legion Armour 10% Flinch 30% AMR Normal +13 = 8k Dk's WTS Legion Pants Normal +13 2x PR Gems = 6k DK's WTS Aloken Hermers Normal +13 = 10k DK's PM ME IGN OgSpearU
  4. WTS +13's= pure dks

    I'm on now IGN OgSpearU
  5. WTS +13's= pure dks

    I'll buy aloken hermes PM me in Game OgSpearU
  6. GiveAway.

    4TH! xDDD
  7. Do some question and answers for everyone to join in and whoever typed it first wins. Thats all I can come up with that involves everyone even with new or old players.
  8. What’s New In A3?

    TY and been a long time how's you? still top on the ranks? also how's the guild either Mamaws or Fallen or Kings?
  9. What’s New In A3?

    Hmmmm... DK has always been a top class, even on different server which it just tops every character because its such a pure offensive play style with high dps. Enough with the DK what's going on with Segus and HB cause I saw a lot of people using them now.
  10. What’s New In A3?

    Hey peeps just asking what’s new in the A3 server such as what’s good or bad and what changes has been done,since I haven’t played for about 2 years. However I did check on the server recently and looked round but didn’t stay for long and saw a lot of HB and Segu characters being used. Does this mean it’s the new OP characters? cause back then those two was kinda weak characters. That’s all, just needed to be updated and maybe will reconsider for a comeback Swanzee/Araceli Good all days
  11. Anyone Still Remember me? ^^

    Yes sir
  12. Anyone Still Remember me? ^^

    Wow my boy Deli you still champ CS? And hello to you to Kyle
  13. Anyone Still Remember me? ^^

    Hmmmm.. Just checking back on who remembers me IGN Araceli/Swanzee and I can see that core is still quite the same but with different updates. I would love to come back but I feel like it ain't as good as before which on my time it was fun ^^. Anyways GL to you guys maybe I might come back who knows ^^
  14. WTB Blist Xbow +13 3cd or 6cd id = DK PM ME
  15. WTT/S 2h Dragon Axe +13 30% CD 11% ICE DMG = Any wep or DK's PM ME: Swanzee (in game)