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  1. WTB AK Hellion Helm +13 Clean or 4x 123 Medial = Pure DK's WTB AK Hellion Armour +13 FG with good opt = Pure DK's WTB AK Hellion Pants +13 FG with 2pr base = Pure DK's WTB AK Hellion or Legion Gloves +13 with good opt = Pure DK's WTB AK Hellion Boots +13 with good opt = Pure DK's PM ME IGN Swanzee or Discord Swanzee #0357
  2. Class Championship 2019

    Wow just when I'm switching class cause I got bored the championship has come up. Bad Luck For ME
  3. WTS pure dks

    I'll buy the ak armour PM ME in game Swanzee
  4. WTS Aloken = Pure DK's

    PM Me in game Swanzee
  5. WTS Aloken = Pure DK's

    YES I do
  6. WTS Gold Juto Spear +13 8cd Base 4x 7% Rhombus = Sold WTS Gold Juto Guard +13 127 Def Base 2x 96 Medial = Sold WTS Hellion Magic Helmet +13 4x 96 Medial = 10k WTS Hellion Magic Armour +13 FULL Gems = Sold WTS Hellion Magic Gloves +13 2cd & 53 dmg Base = 8k WTS Hellion Pants +13 2x 2pr = 14k WTS DN Hermes +13 2% AMR 2line of def 2% poison resis Base = Sold WTS Hellion Wings = Sold PM ME IGN = Swanzee or Discord Swanzee #0357

    I want the serpent ring 6cd 180 id PM ME IGN OgSpearU
  8. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

    Will you be able to sell the aloken hellion armour medial by itself?
  9. WTB Offer Pure DKs

    PM ME IGN OgSpearU I want that serpent
  10. Changes for DKSQ

    DKSQ has been fun and everyone likes it, but there's thing I would like for it change which are the 'stones, grade points and spawns'. - Right now the stones are on their base camp which it's supposed to be, but I would prefer it if it's in the middle where the 'talk stone' is set so everyone can just meet at the middle rather than trying to go so far and looking for people, when we right now have less players. - The other thing was the grade points, now even though we get points from killing players it's still a little to small when we have such a huge margin for the next rank cap and it will take a lot of time to reach max rank. - Now for the spawn I would prefer if you make a barrier so enemy players can't keep killing people in spawn but you might think don't need it because of the stone from the camp which why I suggest to move all the stones in the middle. As of right now the game plan for dksq is all about just breaking stones, defending it and rarely going to the middle to use the 'talk stone' which only been used to end the game early because of a disadvantage for the enemy camp either low players (people leaving) or don't have good sets. So that's what my POV on the DKSQ right now.. feel free to add or criticise my POV but at the end of the day it will make a list for DEV Sam to see what everyone feels.
  11. Illegal items in game

    Damn that's why I lost to those players and hitting me high dmg... well now we know