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  1. 3 VS 3 Tournament Results

  2. Farming Gears/Accessories

  3. 6 VS 6 RESULTS [ EXTRA ]

    Nice Fight! I'm Pissed I weren't able to join
  4. Core Dekaron A6 Siege War

    I'm going to be uploading weekly siege war on my channel so check it out also to show who's winning these siege wars!
  5. Leveling Guide

    I have created a video for a leveling guide which is for everyone and I know I probably have not gone over some things or details for it. I have tried to make it easy and informative on this video so hope you guys liked it and was well informed.
  6. Event

    Just do 2v2 it would be better for others. Cause if its just 1v1 you will be stacked up with a lot of players to get down to the final.
  7. WTB Aloken Hellion Armour +13 4line Def = DK's WTB Aloken Hellion Pants +13 2pr line = DK's WTB Aloken Legatus +13 Clean = DK's PM ME Here / Discord Swanzee - #0357
  8. WTB 4cd 300ID Serpent Ring = Pure DK's WTB 4cd 300ID Neptune Ring = Pure DK's PM ME - IGN: Kijiin
  9. Some years ago =)

    Damn OP People we'd love to see you guys come back and play
  10. Nice Battle 6v6