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  1. What's wrong with this server

    No Pain No Gain
  2. Char JAIL and no time post

    Thats another provocating comment from your site not sure what you expect us to do in this case cause you digging your own grave right now.
  3. http://screenshot.sh/oBDgDLbrU9utx http://screenshot.sh/m9eGIdsBIUWsT http://screenshot.sh/mMhOLyD9mfETd 14. Spamming:• Anything over 2 lines is considered spam.
  4. http://screenshot.sh/n7XOCgjLFG96j http://screenshot.sh/mKNMtNCj7TBgr http://screenshot.sh/n9IG31QH42aCH 4. Blocking Non-Player CharactersAnyone caught standing on top of an NPC in which the other users can not interact with it is strictly forbidden. Continued abuse will result in a permanent ban. Been standing near the guy for around 15 mins he creally went afk so it is an offense he also got warned two times to move away.
  5. Dekaron 3D :)

  6. Contagious call me idiot and stupid

    well seeing this im sending to my verdict which i posted here.

    Well i think there was a trashing conversation Triplecore pmed me saying that they called him idiot plus in my own i have a ss of them saying to him he got free champ http://screenshot.sh/m9eA4Ng9is7kX but TripleCore also said he didnt make any ss of the start of the conversation but i think in my OPINION that you dont just go to someone and swear his mother,something must have been said to start it.In my opinion it was a trash conv and he got provoked still he broke the rules but i dont think it was only his fault.Will leave the verdict to the Gms.

    well the white chat isnt also spamming what goes to the yellow chat im wondering what made him so angry cause i think that "U mad hotdog" was directed to him would like to see the whole conversation how that started cause probably it was a trash conversation.Still rules where broken what goes to spamming we will see what gms will decide. P.S Wrong section Should be posted in A3Section support/Spam&Harrasment
  9. http://screenshot.sh/m7yBAVQPvZXjp http://screenshot.sh/oB57feN6MRRwr 14. Spamming:• Anything over 2 lines is considered spam.
  10. Guide About Voting

    Hello Core Players Today i will show you how to vote on Core-Dekaron site this will be a Guide Step by step: 1. Go to http://www.dekaron.core-games.net site. 2.Log in to your account using Green Sign In button located in the top Right Corner(showcase) ---> 3.After login in you will be redirected to your Dashboard panel you will see on your right side in the top corner an information vote for us!*(showcase) ---> 4.Click on one of the 3 pictures it will redirect you to a site (Depending on the picture you choose**).(showcase) ---> 5.After Being redirected you will see the site,now you just need to click the captcha to verify it and click the Vote button(showcase) ---> 6.You will see a confirmation that you vote has been recorded(showcase) ---> after that you can just close the site and go to the next Vote. 7.To vote on TopG press the TopG picture ---> it will redirect you to the vote site where you will need to do the Captcha and then press Submit You vote(Showcase) ---> thats it you can now close the site and go to next vote. 8.To vote on Xtremetop100 press the picture ---> it will redirect you to the vote site as upper do the Captcha and then press the vote for core button(Showcase) ---> thats it you can now Close the site. Aditional informations: 1.On Core We have a reward system for the best voters. Players who get the most amount of Votes in 28 days will be rewarded with bonus dshops depending on the place they earn(only top 10 voters get bonus) 2.You can check the top voters pressing at the Top Voters of this month in the top right corner in the Dashboard(Showcase) ---> You can see here aswell the lastwinners list and the time left till the end of the vote event ---> 3.You can aswell check the vote logs which can be found in right corner on user panel after clicking the blue button (Showcase) --->You can check there when you voted and how much dshops you got.Looking to the right you will see a panel with your dshop information and also Dek-votes showing how many times you voted in the month(Showcase) ---> *-You can vote every 12 hours. **-Also core has 3 vote sites available which means you can gather up coins from voting 3 times 1 Vote per site per 12 hours. I Hope this will help you in voting. Good Voting wishes {Guard}Akeno
  11. Opheliah insulting GMs

    http://screenshot.sh/oe10F6EAmjOkj http://screenshot.sh/owlhgHPcA38gb 9. Disrespecting StaffAs the authority in the game who help in and out of the game community, players should always respect the staff. 2. Abusive Behaviour:• This can include vulgar, offensive or derogatory words or comments directed at another person. Although this is an adult game, barriers are put in place to ensure everyone can enjoy the game. We will Punish only those who abuse this with this vulgar, offensive or derogatory words. This also includes Account/Character names both In-Game and on the Forums. Gms are persons too thats not nice to call them using such bad words. i leave the last verdict to GMs
  12. OnlyONE Spamming

    http://screenshot.sh/odCsEjbxyfZdB 14. Spamming:• Anything over 2 lines is considered spam.
  13. Kocz Selling dota2 Acc

    http://screenshot.sh/n8cU6UKRm7iUn 8. Advertising:Any form of advertisement for other servers or other games is not allowed. 6. Buying/Selling/Trading Accounts:Buying/Selling game accounts/Items associated with Core-Games for real money is a bannable offense.
  14. Blumix Spamming

    http://screenshot.sh/n9CRwsQfwCfvp 14. Spamming:• Anything over 2 lines is considered spam.
  15. Very upset

    We dont bully players and we dont ban/jail without reason.The game is Mature rated and if your newphew had life problems well we arent the one to fix them. Sorry to hear that also but its not us who should notice something was wrong with your newphew we are only people who sit near pcs and try our best and still its just a game you cant let games direct your live.