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  1. Championship multi account issue

    Yano go to sleep you stay here and chat with this kids haha This guys trying to say that only Asen beat them on 4 different classes ? ( sorry but I cant stop laughing Hahahahah ) Always drama guys hating so much the Fallen Veterans and xMaMawxd members
  2. Birthday Video Challenge.

    lol no ty bro too busy u know ur self I went on yesterday to see if u , fatty or the noob king which I used to beat in every pvp still around but couldn't find any of yous.. who knows next time maybe. keep it up and have a good day bro
  3. Birthday Video Challenge.

    Bro I have no video cause I don't take part in this competition but I'd like to wish you happy birthday and may your wishes come true !! Stay safe
  4. Favourite spotts for chill

    I don't want to be the one spoiling things ... but down there in the suburbs of the Ardeca town there is a monster , a monster called YANO. I know personally two people which didn't trust my word and they try to find a way to discover this secret place but they have never returned back ! p.s: nigga we used to be on this shit on a regular
  5. i can see your small brain.. please stop I think you are no more than 15 years old Shinji already said to you organize everything with GM and he is ready why u keep say same thing over and over ? What's the point? he already said to you talk to GM's maybe add some bet too and do it stop make no sense in here same thing again and again ps. sorry but i have to repeat maybe u understand Shinji already accepted pvp with all the things you said gm, clear desktop ,watch task manager etc he already said faking YES if you cannot see , are you blind?wtf
  6. You are second bagi who talks big in entire CORE ! First was Kenkox now you ? Similarity... How can you even say you kill all and all that when every player knows BAGI is such a weak class you cant win shit especially against WIZARD ? Are you joking me hahaha boy stop type and go online by the way look what happened to KING with the screen recorded and all the shits you on about there , you dont pvp on full buffs u dont need extra ? How limited thinking can you be if the game has BUFFS to be used and in big fights you have to fights accordingly to rules FULL BUFF ? You only reason and reason and type more because there is no kamura in game ? ps. I know and I have seen your stuns you fool bagi you may bullshit others but not me and there's the video when such shits as cheat engine and wtf wasnt in use around here. go to sleep boy
  7. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    I LIKE HOW YOU NOW EAT YOUR WORDS HE PROVE IT TO ALL OF YOU AND + you still trying to find reasons and mistake in his TEST video by saying he could change name of what and what ? you fool wake up you can see clearly his apps running and also big stun with wtfast even in 1 skill , when he does combo in stun he puts shinji in same stun period ? Make more drama noobs you wanted wtfast since when you all created the little hero girl, all server was full of that hero at one moment, then mamaxd realized something is going on why u all make that character ? then they start use wtfast too and now you accuse them hackers hahahaha so funny
  8. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    Now .. this will be interesting ban hammer for all with long stuns re-edit : Bring back old memories of core not the actual situation :-)
  9. Stun Effect Cheats!

    simple WTFast. Benjie is wtfast user so what ? Are you all so dead brain it's legal to use Wtfast . If this game is old and the developer can't find a way to counter all this long stuns what can you do ? Accuse someone he is hacker ? Are you that dumb going over and over the same subject. Clearly Benjie admited he use wtf and if there are players which can't afford to buy it ,why should He care ? Simple facts. You want WTFast ? YOU Buy it !you don't want wtfast ?you dont buy it. But acusing someone of hacking it's limited thinking. This subject has no end for people like you ,your thinking is limited ! You can't advance in the same way with technology now days where there will be loads and loads of developed legal application which will boost your connection . The funny fact is that I see all this players which try to throw dirt at mortisha guild for the fact of wtfast usage ? Please dirt players look better in your own garden when yous used to stay in ice castle using farming bot days after days and then coming up with hundreds of argates and things like that or should I talk about dupe items or steal of friends accounts informations and try to get the accounts from HGM ? Hacking and more botting to get advantage in game and then you come to throw dirt at somebody for using wtfast legal application. You are a pro ! Stop having a limited brain and be useful with something if you really want this to end, come up with an idea for the lazy developer to counter all this bad results from WTFast but until then moaning and moaning for someone using wtfast and you can't afford it ?grow up
  10. [With Images] Newbie Leveling Guide !

    hahaha I wait you on a9 show you mommy skills
  11. Leveling Guide for Newbies ! Welcome and wish you good luck ! 1.Ardeca - Here you will level in the green section from lvl 1 to 34. 2. Heihaff - Level here from 34 to 47 then move to next section 3. Parca Temple - Level up in parca temple from 47 to 59 4.Frozen Valley of Vengeance - Level up here from lvl 59 -Follow the green arrow to make your way to Norak Cave ( Level 37+ required ) 5.Norak Cave -Level here in the green section until level 82 then move to Draco Desert 6. Draco Desert - Level in draco desert until level 100 then move to next map -You can farm here on all map but the green section consist in most mobs 7. Avalon Island - Level in Avalon Island in the section indicated , just move in circles until you reach level 118. 8. Doomed Maze - Follow the green arrows and level up in this map until lvl 130/131 -The 2 X are the position where you will be best lvl but you can get big lures along the way anyway. 9. Space of Pilgrimage ( Lvl 130 +) / Crespo at 131 Level + -You can level here in Space of Pilgrimage where the green circle is. ( Or check the 2nd option ) Crespo.(2nd option) - You get here through map Parca Temple , Use teleport Conrad for teleporting to Crespo (131 lvl ) Crespo Abyss ! -You get there through normal Crespo map and follow the green arrow to reach at Crespo Abyss. - It has 4 level category where you can farm DK's, Feathers, few argates, GP + PP , 7-8-9% gems and 160 weapons. - Do not forget to take the quest from Darua and Joshua which will increase your Grade points ,also Purchase points. This is the way to achieve enough PP points in order to buy your first Skills which cost pp points. 10. Tower Indun from level 150 + -Teleport to map Worshipper's Shelter from npc Jerome (Ardeca) - For this Tower of Spell you need to have Pary of 1 or more players and entry fee is 200,000 dill. 11. Sacred Claw ( level 175 + ) -I recommend you the green circle spot which is the best for leveling/farming ( dills quite good here 30,40k ) -Hard to survive solo. Deadfront - Map : Chain Of Fire ( npc in ardeca ) - You can do deadfront from lvl 51 until 249 and its 3x Day time and 3x NightTime. ( Check times on website , you must log in. For easy way to reach website , please press here Core Website ! ) - You need to buy map from the yellow section and follow the arrow towards your level category. -Note: Each entrance has a required leveling and minimum of 2 party members. Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you had a great adventure.
  12. Please post Guides

    Ok I understand,what about my second question ? I see already in some maps are two teleport or in low lvl maps you can get 230+ sets which drop from mobs. I am talking about all this players which playing now and all the bugs will be fixed in future updates but based on this the actual players which playing now will get many other advantages exploiting bugs and so on compared to the ones which will start the final version released of a9 and not beta version ?
  13. Please post Guides

    Is there no bonus or anything for the rest of players which made full sets +10 on different characters and now have nothing due to wipe out ? --------------------------------------- Also,if there won't be any other resets and only updates how will you manage to make a difference between the guys which are lvling easy now Or finding bugs and take advtange of them compared to others which will start the final version lets say in a month time ? ( I already found few one is the crespo once you are lvl 130 u can go in all crespo abyss doesn't matter the lvl? Which I think will be fixed.and other guys can't take advtange of that and the list can continue ?
  14. A3 Hi

    I just miss playing with friends on normal server .. for example.
  15. A3 Hi

    Not really dude,as I can see on google for example every Action 6 has belt,armelts which in fact would look more like action 9 for me ,don't you think ? I agree with the working dk square and other feature as battle royale which might bring a plus to community but in the same time this guys playing action 3 for 4,5,6 years even tho Action 6 its on the market about 9 years ! That should rise up a question ... Look video posted 8 years ago.. One more video posted 9 years ago : --------------------------------------------------- Who told you guys wtfast will stop all this effects? A big lie. It's a vpn which makes a perfect connection straight to the server,eliminate all other small interferance in your connection. But the big thing here people using cheat engine from long time ago tbh with yous its not so hard to have a look on youtube how cheat engine works and the server has nothing against it,to prevent it. There are even modules of getting GM,DEV tags in game,go ghostmode and all that and nobody prevent it. Basically no game guard..(now my haters will ask how do I know this if I didnt use it ?simple just type in youtube/google and you find it/ even tho every gm is free to check upon me) I have seen few videos from late pvps in Action 3 server , why so many players using DragonKnight characters? I seen bagi stuns,kbs which makes your bar full silence mode for nearly the whole pvp and funny thing I look in report section they say not enough evidence... even if its against mamaxd/fallen or any other player.(just so u see I hate cheaters so,so much!) When I was playing none of this things were happening ,but now with a simple search on cheat engine youtube dekaron you can evidence all this things... sad. And the thing is nobody is stopping it ? I think this things went to far which made you guys lose an important amount of players even they were fallen veterans, annonymous, rouge,lions,ownerz and so on... I visited again by the way and I seen 9 players online... so sad ! I was thinking of a come back with few friends but in fact look what we find...You need to stop/block all this if you want us back ,if not u can enjoy lonely server of 15 players with 200 characters.