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    Hahahahahahhahahahahaha and this was ur karma cap
  2. WTB HB

    WTB +13 legatus HB +13 DN legion/helion gloves +13 magic/noble/dn helion armor === DKs
  3. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Cap why u talking in third person?
  4. WTB

    Wtb 8k naruke = dks +13 magic noble helion segu armor = dks
  5. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    25k Rofl
  6. WTT Aloken

    Ty ser almost forgot
  7. 8% gems in wep missing

  8. 8% gems in wep missing

    This message is ment for the dev. But i just logged to the new updates and my 4x 8% rhombuses in my wep are gone.. just got 4 open slots now. Hopefully this will be restored soon. + cant trade wings anymore + My devil wings and inferno wings stats have changed
  9. Grand Champion Event 2019

    Ak was too busy defending his king title
  10. WTS LIST

    Ser i have op alo pm me ser
  11. WTT Aloken

    WTT aloken set /wep +13 gold noble spear 8%cd base 4x 8% rhombus +13 magic guard 2x 123 meds +13 magic helion armor amr +13 magic helion armor meds +13 DN legion pants 2%pr +13 DN helion gloves +13 DN hermes +13 legion helmet 4x 5k hp trade to equal bagi set
  12. WTS Aloken = Pure DK's

    Ill buy spear, pants, hermes
  13. Hahaha ur view on this topic just made my day, cant stop laughing
  14. Event Scheduling and Ideas

    Nice to see you back! Ive noticed 1 big diffrence when gm sleaze joined. Before sleaze was arround there were almost no pvp events. Most maxed en geared players enjoyed the pvp events the most! Just my thoughts
  15. Wts

    Wts +13 dn helion gloves cs 3 line dmg 4%cd +13 magic helion pants cs +13 legatus cs +13 aba normal whip all = dks