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  1. Championship ( Wizard )

    Hello guys I wanna to report on Shinji for using VPN during Championship event. There is a link for the PvP : Inside the video everyone can notice : * at 0:03 Shujinko and Shinji both did Death Chuckle (3 second stun) at the same time. when Shinji got released from Death Chuckle Shujinko still were stuck in stun for another 1.5 - 2.0 second. You guys can see at 1:00 Shujinko and Shinji did in same time Emith Rush (Another stun). same Shinji still got released before Shujinko after 1 - 2 seconds. Inside the video you guys can see Shujinko stuns and Shinji stuns, I'm sure everyone can notice that Shinji stuns were much longer.... * His skills were invisible means LAGS (This is a result of VPN) Like this video in this video you can see YanoWiz using long stun to and Yano said hes from Dubai just saying : *When I told it to Core - Staff they said that Shinji is from Bulgaria and the server are in Bulgaria and he might have two digits ms (10 - 99 ms ), ok. I knew that Marto is from Bulgaria too so I ask from his an SS you can see that hes having 350ms he told me it always like that look at the picture : https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/417393970675449856/449639342462205952/unknown.png?width=1355&height=677 *I'm sure it is an VPN Software I also got some proofs. I know is that WTFAST cause the effect of stun and the "two digits ms". I know in wtf you can pick any region, indeed Shinji picked Bulgaria region that he will get the best ms and still with the same IP (that staff will not catch him using vpn) here a proof : https://prnt.sc/jmnsmq Thanks, Shujinko @Core-Master @Head-GM-Waffle @GM-Jade Next action in your hand , Have a great night.
  2. Lol , It's the same date
  3. WTS

    GL haha
  4. there is some idiots kids that are register with weird name or unreal character -,- why you not did it like 2015 register...
  5. A3 any plan for the server

    lol we waiting for Championship like 1 year or somthing never happend you even didnt annouc about that or somthing just like to say soon etc....
  6. What people do for dks..

    Should jail people like that i mean SwordBeam
  7. Show us your new weapons guys

    who care
  8. very bad behavior from 2 of them

    <p>hehe, bro listen "sitapute" its word me and swordbeam made that u think its a curse its ur problem...</p> <p>btw u can check this work u will never find it because it's not a real word <img alt=":P" class="bbc_emoticon" src="http://forum.core-games.net/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png"title=":P" /></p>
  9. Racist comments

    I was the d-shop connector but not the deal I don't have any d-shop. It was all gifts from a friend.
  10. Racist comments

  11. [BT-DT] Been There, Done That PART-II Event!

  12. Black Wizzard Signup (August/Sept) 2015

    Name : AtlantaHawk Class : Black Wizzard RB : 5 Level : 250 TimeZone : Israel (GMT +3:00) Paid : 150dk's