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  1. Some years ago =)

    Lurkers r us...
  2. ARK (Act of Random Kindness) Part I

    Wow. This is AWESOME. It's really nice to hear stories like these. They remind us of the inherent goodness of people. Great job xYuriBoyka!
  3. A Segnale named Token was PvPing with a Dragon Knight named oOCutieMarieOo. In the middle of the PvP, Token dropped a 7% Critical Damage Serpent Ring, apparently while switching rings, and oOCutieMarieOo picked it up. I can only imagine how tempting it is to simply just keep a ring as valuable as that. But guess what? oOCutieMarieOo RETURNED the ring. It is acts like these that help restore my faith in humanity. Good job, oOCutieMarieOo! P.S. I entitled this with a Part I at the end because I am hoping there would be more and more of these stories of acts of kindness in the days to come. Let the story be about you. Good day everyone!
  4. Challenge to Yano

    @Ryouko Could you please clarify what your intent is for this thread? Background check for what? I hope you have a valid intention for this since I closed your other thread precisely to curb the growing unpleasantness, and you seem to just have continued it with this thread.
  5. ASAP Request

    The issue has been profounded and the concerns have been noted. You will just be informed as soon as something develops on this matter. For the time being, the thread has served its purpose, and the discussion seems to be making a turn towards ugly, so I am closing it.
  6. ASAP Request

    Noted, thank you.
  7. ASAP Request

    Sir, the reason for our present stand is that we cannot really fault someone who wishes to be more competitive by improving his ping. This is particularly true for players whose ping is significantly high that some of their skills do not do any damage or produce any effect at all. After all, the software in question is basically a VPN software, and the skill alterations it produces are what might be called "side-effects". I strongly doubt that the developers of this software intended for it to be a cheat instrument. I am imploring you then to please refrain from making judgmental comments. We are taking this issue seriously, but we are simply trying to avoid making a forced decision which might prove to be more messy in the end. All your comments are duly noted, particularly Ryouko's suggestion, and we will be discussing this further in staff.
  8. ASAP Request

    Our attention has already been directed to this issue some time ago, and we already have an idea what might be causing it. There are already suggestions how it might be addressed, but ultimately we will just have to wait for Dev-Sam to find a solution to this issue.
  9. The staff received a report of EngKanTaDa botting at Plane of Pilgrimage and the following video was provided as proof: Thank you for reporting this, and we appreciate your assistance in getting rid of cheaters in the server. 2. Hacks/Bugs/Exploits/Cheating/3rd Party Software:• You are not allowed to use Software or Game bugs to gain an advantage in Game.If you find any type of bugs that can be exploited to cheat, you shouldsend a private message to any of the GM, DEV or MOD.• Anyone caught hacking will lose all accounts under your IP, having them banned permanently.• Auto clickers/auto loots are not permitted, there is an stat applicator on the main website panel after logging in.• Partying with a hacker is considered an offense.• Punishment:• 1st offense Loss of character• 2nd offense Permanent Ban of IP and ALL accounts banned
  10. Rush Level Event

    Event Mechanics: 1. Host GM gives a code, a character class, and a specific level. 2. Participants will the create a new character of the required class with the code in the name, and train it to the required level. 3. Once the level is achieved, the participant then asks for party from the Host GM to verify his level. Event Details: Code: Li3 Class: Aloken Level: 100+ Event Details: 1st Finisher: 300 DKs 2nd Finisher: 250 DKs The three other finishers all got 200 DKs. The Winners also got bonus argates. Winners: Congratulations to the Winners!
  11. 2 vs 2 PvP Event

    2 vs 2 PvP Event with Single Elimination Tournament Format Location: Battle of Honor Prizes: First Round Winners received 100 DKs each Semifinal Round winners received 150 DKs each Final Round winners received 250 DKs each No. of Teams: 5 Results: Final Match: Congratulations to Nefera and Shujinko!
  12. Last Man Standing

    Map: Prelude of Chaos Event Rules: 1. Players must be flagged at all times. Those who aren't flagged even if just for a split second is teleported out. 2. No player should be in party. All players in party will be returned and disqualified from joining later rounds. Prize: The winner received 300 DKs Winner: biggame Congratulations!
  13. Hide and Seek Event

    4 Rounds of Hide and Seek Event Mechanics: 1. Host GM hides in a random map. 2. Clue/s will be given on the GM's location. 3. The first 3 players to find and trade the GM wins prizes. Prizes per round: 1st: 150 dks 2nd: 100 dks 3rd: 50 dks Winners: Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: Round 4: Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you all had fun!
  14. A new exchange shop!

    @Digger Your suggestion is noted, but I implore you, please answer my question. How can you farm 60 billion dil in 4-5 hours? Can you even farm 60 billion dil in 3 days? That point here sir, is that 60 billion dil is a LOT, and farming that is not as easy as you say. And this is why this statement from you: is making me scratch my head. Here, allow me to point out why I believe it is beneficial to put up that NPC: 1. It stops the devaluation of the DIL. 2. It introduces more DKs into the game, and theoretically, this would increase the buying power of the players, and thus will stimulate the market. 3. It will help reestablish the significance of the DIL, thereby encouraging more players to VEND items. Nowadays, because of the very low value of dil, farmers just throw away the items that they don't need instead of vending them. The items which were just discarded would have benefited a newbie who would not have been able to farm it on their own because of low rb or weak gear. I am sure you can imagine how frustrating would it be for a newbie to try and farm a Mazokie for example. 4. It DRAINS the excess DIL in-game, thereby restoring to some degree the value of the DIL. And there are other points that I thought of that I can't recall at the moment. And that NPC would be even more effective in producing the effects I theorized if the DIL drop on the bosses are concommitantly reduced.
  15. A new exchange shop!

    @Digger How can you farm 2-3k DKs in 4-5h if the exchange is 2b to 100 DKs? 3k DKs will be equal to 60 billion dil, how would you farm that in 4-5 hours?