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  1. 7 Chars Banned :o

    And you just noticed that now? Only reason I visit Core Forums from time to time, and quit w/ like...15+ other ppl that I knew or even more to be exact, and we were all Veteran players of Core, and we knew it was corrupted af, no 1 dared to say shit, and even Ik what they've done behind the scenes~ <3 Especially the 1's that are corrupted c: What's even more funny is that, you people are still here, and don't know the real story of what's been going on, especially those that use to be GMs, they know what I'm talking about c; but hey, I'll stop before I'm being threatened b/c of what I've typed are the truths d:
  2. Abusing Pinoys with Abussive Language

    Okay. 1. I see NO fuckin RACISM ANYWHERE. 2. Go back to school, and FFS please re-learn WHAT RACISM MEAN. 3. And also, LEARN what PINOY MEANS also. 4. Get a fuckin life kid, especially everyone else on this server that are THIS STUPID, and Dumb as ****. I'm just stating the facts out there. KayThxBaiHaveANiceFuckinDayKiddos. <3 #DeezNutz~
  3. Insult

    ^ Lol
  4. Insult

    LMFAO? You CRY over that LITTLE SHIT? Wew. GG Ancient. So Stronk Ser. lelel
  5. To all Corentians!!!!

    Lmfao. HA. Expelled them once they are caught? I'm not even gonna say anything about that, since most of us know that, that ain't the truth. I mean, if you disagree, feel free to IP Ban me for THIS simple thing. Cause I really don't care, I bet more than 50% of the server, and others that quit KNEW a lot that happened, but won't say anything, probably because they are afraid, and if I'm getting IP banned for this, people would think it's an abuse also. lel. Oh. And 1 more thing. I'm not trying to provoke you or anything, I'm just stating the truth, that people should know, and not lie to the players here. c: Almost forgot 1 more thing. If you THINK the Core Staff doesn't abuse their "power" maybe you should keep a CLOSE EYE on each of them whenever they are on randomly. You never know how they can get away with things. ^^ From what I've seen, and people that knew, we know that there are a few that got away so easily, because the Staff on here TRUST each other SOOOO MUUUUCCHH. Like Wow, ok, doesn't matter if you trust them, they will soon turn into a corrupted member. But hey, if you don't want to believe me, just because, I need PROOF, I think it's you that needs proof, and telling us the TRUTH, not this bunch of BullShit, and about that "instant perm IP ban", you see, this is why people would really leave this server, most of you here only intimidate the players, and never THINK before you ACT. Anyways, I'm done here, Have Fun, and Good Luck with this server, and Staff Team, there's always a lot of Stupidity & Immaturity, especially with this Server. ♥ c:
  6. Anime Recommendations

    Mmmmm......Idk......I has too many....going to keep it to myself :L
  7. Releasing Dec. 6, 2014!!

    Tbh....and IMO....the next-gen fegs is very disappointing...lol.....it looks like it's gonna be the same shit over-and-over, just like how Naruto is lel And the ending for the manga....was meeehhh e_e so if the movie is comin out, I'm not watchin that crap
  8. Here are the winners of the screenshot event

    DatFirstOneDoe. SoLegit. Lol. ;o
  9. The 6 character system

    It's better if you PM a Core Staff, cause they won't see a "notice" about a topic, or Idk lol but ya, a PM they will notice
  10. Suggestion

    That's actually a pretty good idea o.O I seen a few topics like these before, and the suggestion is shit lol
  11. Come and Play Pwnage Core

  12. o.o

    It's funny how ppl say it's not real, when you yourself have never been in a situation like that lmfao......like just wow.
  13. Omg Which one D:????

    69th is the best.
  14. waiting for 30min siege but server down

    Why can't you scrubs just forget about the Server Crash, and go to bed? lel
  15. admits to being a scammer lolz

    Tbh...I don't see any proof on that SS....it says "lol im scammer?", that doesn't really say he/she is a scammer, and there's no proof that he/she has ever scammed before lol....unless you have a vid of the scam? Then ya ^^