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  1. Keep lying 'til someone will believe you!!!

    LOL i lied to you about getting dropped something like that so what. I dont need to explain myself to you, If any staff need explanaitions of my other items, just pm me, bye! Now seriously visit some doctor or something cuz u got a big problem. Wish u all of luck
  2. I am just curious!!!

    Okay, first of all all those rings, stuff maded by myself, Hermes i bought from FairySela a.k.a Fairy, the gloves are illegal and u cant blame me i didnt knewd anything bout it, peace out
  3. Believe it or not it excess

    Guys, i see where is problem, we are old players which just gathered a crew again to play and have fun, but the problem is you guys cannot accept that someone is better and stronger then u, u are mad when someone is happy, if i we got good gear does that mean that we hack? We farmed for it for over years and years to do something, you guys not showing any respect just complaining about our stuff, You really think i would show my gloves to everyone that i know they are illegal? Ofcourse not, ik they are legall and i dont have to keep it secretly, just stop flaming us everywhere, Also for DK-SQ its not true im playing 1-3x per day, sure DEV can check i played it alot of times, and yeah i was afk for 30 seconds i said i had to go pee, and u started to complain, where u keep all that hate? Man go watch ur bussiness you are trying to sabotage us for nothing? Why?? Just because we are better, thats it...
  4. OP GEAR

    S>JUTO GAUNTLET +13 w/11% cd S> DN HB HERMES+13 w/ 2l def/amr S>GOLDEN DB +13 w/ 8%cd ID and 8% rhombus gems S>DN JUTO SHIELD +13 w/2 % max shield/DEF / 5% block S>AK LEGION GLOVES +13 w/ 8%cd 95 ID S>LEGION CS PANTS +13 w/2phy resist S>DN CS HERMES +13 w/2l def/block S>HELION ARMOR CS +13 w/123 def/10%flinch S>A.WHIP +13 fg S>SEG DEVIL WINGS FARMING RINGS Oprhina 8%cd IMD DRAGON EYE 11%cd IMD KRATOS 8%cd 2%ms KRATOS 7%CD IMD offer pm me here or IGN ScratcherBoi BOOMshakalaka
  5. BALANCING (my opinion)

    I PvP'ed alot in last few days and i think that Most unbalanced char is Aloken atm, first of all, aloken got insane dmg no matter (set,options), those new skills are OP, he can stun u, silence,usually he hits on full medial 123 armor, legatus, neptunes 22k+ whats insane for that many hits, also aloken def is isnane cuz of his buffs, so i think his stats need nerf 2nd is Conccera Summoner Although pet HP is lowered and kinda some of those stuffs fixed... This new CS stun, silence is broken, almost unbeatable, with that high DMG, and multiple hits and long stun(silence) its impossible to dodge unless you got abnormal resistance and luck... In that stun he can easily use 2 strongest skills and you're already dead also OP damage,def.... This is just opinion from my station, i think i was realistic idk... Leave rep down in comment if u agree with this or not

    WTS 13% CD SPELL PLUME = best offers takes
  7. AK/VS GOOD GEAR +13

  8. AK/VS GOOD GEAR +13

    WTS AZURE KNIGHT GOLDEN 2H AXE +13 4x 7%rhombus=12,000 RUBY SHEILD +13 2l defens(170) 3x 96 def=9,000 LEGION DN GLOVES +13 5%CD 160ID=13.000 HERMES +13 NORMAL fg=7,000 LEGION PANTS +13 fg=4,000 HELION COSTUME=500 VICIOUS SUMMONER LEGATUS HELM 4x 5K HP=15,000 HELION ARMOR +13 123 def medials=15,000 DN LEGION GLOVES +13 6cd 100id=17,000 DN HERMES w/def line +13 FG=16,000 LEGION PANTS 2poision fg+13=5,000 HELION COSTUME=500
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    agree with that, HB is weak af, low def, low attack char
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