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  1. Questions

    rings: neptune/serpant set: helion/legion aura/emblems/gems are very optional for each class. goodluck!
  2. Some costume work

    Indeed, something new always kills monotony ^^
  3. Some costume work

    Thanks guys, i'll do my best to continue the good work, also i can talk with samurai to see what he also thinks about bagi, i find bagi op looking too ^^
  4. Some costume work

    Thanks sir
  5. Some costume work

    Hello guys, i've been doin some editing on costumes, let me know ur opinion, if feedback is good we might add it in game maybe [MOD]Kyle
  6. HGM Position

    P.S Also decision of 3 (eventually 4 or more if something is really messed up) is far stronger and powerfull than when 1 person brings it on his/her own.
  7. HGM Position

    Just as LightSide said, HGM position turned out to be a problem after some thinking, so the original decision is to make head menagement who will vote on things, the main goal is to avoid the power concentration in one person, thats all.
  8. keep falling

    GMs do events when they have time, they also have real life and work school etc. Also consider urself warned for such speech.
  9. Report (Improper language + Spam)

    Everyone involved in these SSs should consider themselves warned. If this continues there will be actions. Also i belive this didn't occur without a reason so keep in mind i know that too. #CLOSED
  10. Forgotten Account

    Answear given #Closed
  11. 123 Ruin medial(pants, boots) bugged

    Thats weird, is it on A3 or A6 ? If its on A3 will probably get fixed with A6, if on A6 we can see if samurai can do something about it
  12. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    #CLOSED on request. Nice ss-s !
  13. This isn't a good enough proof anyways. #CLOSED
  14. Guess a song event

    5 rounds reward each round won -> 200 dk coins Songs: 1.Fun - some nights 2.21 pilots - ride 3.RHCP- Californication 4.Bob marley- is this love 5.Slippery migos feat gucci mane Winners: 1.ScratcherBoi 2.A1Cursor 3.Vance 4.ScratcherBoi 5.A1Cursor Thanks everyone for participating! [MOD]Kyle
  15. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    One from fresh waters of ardeca, hope one of fishers doesn't catch me