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  1. Balance Balance Balance

    Hai There is few way to make this game fun 1. Auto event - boss spawn with good item like boss event 2. Pvp event - mybe can adjust every week 3. Create new quest with good reward - rework old quest 4. Balance character in game - skill hero / +- cool down I think this will be more fun then before because there is something new we can do
  2. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Just ignore them . . They act like pro and strong in the game . . In reality they are nothing winning with team not by one . . That why they do acc like four or five to comment with bad word to make our getting mad . . This only way they can win with big mouth like a shit
  3. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    Hmmmm . . Yes bruhhhh
  4. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    Nope . . Im just lucky at the championship . . Im noob sir . . You are too good to compare with me , , im alrdy watch you pvp some player that your skill and combo very nice . . Honestly you are best seg ever . .
  5. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    Hahaha . . Im too noob sir . . We are like sky and earth . . Huaaa huaaa huaaa
  6. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    Damm u . . His cute lol . . Now he happy with cat . . Hahaha

    Up . . Hahaha
  8. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    Maybe will be back again . . We are already discuss on ws group to make comeback
  9. There's is some of our moment for this game . . Im so happy spend time to play with you all gais . . Im just hope our OTAI Guild will make comeback once day . . I think without us this server didn't fun like before . . Hope you all miss our toxic player , attitude and so onn . . Hahaha Here some pictures from us OTAI #NewBorn #Puteri #Miss #Arty #Machiato #Alonebaey #MaharajaCasanova #JebatDerkaha #OTAI FAMILY
  10. Feeling Mehhh -_-

    Keep waiting for new update , last update is 15.3.2019 Just feel boring do the same thing every time . . Need something new to give more excited to play
  11. Hello Everyone

  12. Feeling Sad

    First of all i would like to say hi everyone. . Last day im online with another acc just to feel game environment but what i get it is like ghost town . It like too much player leave this server since last time im play this game with 4,5 year ago . . Yes i know player come and go also got real life but im really sad with this server right now . . Hope our development can do something to get back our old player or new player to play this server and automatically bring some fun for this server . . Yes, this is not easy to do but you should do this for ur server before another player go to new dekaron game . I love this server , pls do something to give us happiness Thanks
  13. Siege problems

    Good luck for this topic . . Maybe you are person at 1000 post about this topic . . Since im play this game 4,5 years ago seige time have no change even player from South Asian keep pressure our lovely Head GM still have no change . I know almost of player come from your country but you need to know this game using global time , how about player from Europe/Latin they also having same problem like you to attend this seige. For my opinion this time is good enough but the problem is day of siege because i know after siege finish some player need to go school , college or working ( For ASIAN player) . For me to solve thia problem HEAD GM or development game must adjust the day of siege then it will be pretty enough . I know there is nothing changes . . Just wait and see ! Good luck
  14. A Form of Voice..

    Sorry sir . . Im just normal player have nothing special . . Btw im not active right now , im focusing to working . . Im hope can make comeback later . I think we( OTAI GUILD) are the first one use wtfast in this game Btw , i know like 1 or 2 things how to kill bos easy and avoid stun/sleep on pvp without wtfast or something else . . 200% no cheat .
  15. A Form of Voice..

    VPN just give some advantage when u pvp/farming for example using VPN you can get full damage without miss one of damage from your skill , etc crimsom skill seg 8x dmg with use VPN you never miss one damage from 8x that skill. Without VPN almost your skill have 3 or 4 damage missing . . Why ?? Because this is online game base how good your network , pc and environment . . For me VPN is good for unstable network , with VPN we can play smoothly without lag and also get good ms below 150 ms . Let me clear here ,that why some player complaint stun to long , to much damage . . Yeah that right because you get full stun without deley . Last . . VPN is good for country with slow network or normal pc ☺️ Here got some VPN. This is not cheat just for make our game smooth without deley and lag . 1. Pingzapper 2. WTFast 3. Killerping 4. Outfox #Just Search on google then look tutorial on YouTube then you will be beast on game . Have Fun Good Luck