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  1. this Player much be erase on this Server because he insulting not me I think almost of Player's on this Core A6 , how hard to ask Him !!... I hope Core Master or the Owner do something about it, thanks I hope so more and more player will not discriminated.
  2. I lost mine D-Shop

    I buy D-Shop Devil wings for VS and I check this morning , the Devil wings are gone and also mine D-shop !!!!
  3. 8% gems in wep missing

    aw same all my char missing 8% rhumbos
  4. Hi, Dev. Samurai can you please fix the drop rate of legatus even 2x Drop , Iwas farming almost 1 1/2 hrs of legatus at hunter I dnt get even 1 pc at that 1 1/2 hrs farming please adjust or fix something , thank you for read and more power Sir Dev.
  5. Hi I buy 500 pcs Ossuary of Blacksmith only 20% talisma all , can you Fix becuase if ramdom even 500 pcs I cant acquired even 22% or 25% may be but no, thanks for read .
  6. Hardest ever to upgrading ..................................................
  7. WTB +13 Helion Magic Gloves or +13 Legion DN Hunter Gloves with CD % PM at Game Mylen or here prize ... Thanks and Happy New year to All.
  8. Booting

  9. Booting

    Miqii is Booting see the vedio
  10. Booting

    Miqii is Booting see the vedio Booting.avi
  11. Here some PPL KS during the Exp. Event
  12. This Dude Want to Buy My item for Real Money Cash php, name :IamOneBoyKiLLohSHit , PLS BAN ALL HIS?SHE account, I hope Core action this Matter, Thanks and More Power to Core !!!!
  13. I seen him very will is abusing his being a Champion Pk all newbies at ice 200 because His a" CHAMPION" I dont see other champion like him abusing being a Champ. please Core staff make a DISCIPLINARY ACTION and Teach him or lecture the Rule of being a Champion ( Champion much be a Role Model ) .
  14. Trade

    WTT +13 Magic Juto Whip 6% Cd 3x 11% Curse Damage = +13 Scythe same CD% or 5%CD Leave her Message or private massage me Or Pm me in Game DKNaruke
  15. The Drop Rate of Blist. Item

    Dears Dev. I want to Shared mine experience base on Im farm at Shirem lvl 205 Map , Hunt item blist in 26hrs , I only get 23pcs blist Item which 8pcs Magic and most of them are normal. Pls. can You Fix , But I undestand Yuo have Many work to do But Im Hopping Soon it will Fix. Thank You and Merry Christmass !