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  1. CaptainOpBlade

  2. Class Championship 2019

    how to register? & registration is on?
  3. Class Championship 2019

    2 classes/week
  4. Isadora is Bugged cant select gems...

    still bugged, we need dev to solve this problem
  5. sir Isadora is bugged cant select gems, when i remove bandicam 2019-08-05 16-07-18-341.avi
  6. Halloween Screenshot Event 2018

    Happy Halloween -sitti
  7. I am back (Anonymous)

    WC zack
  8. i have a problem i can't login my acc. im using my email & Forgot password to recover it ... but still can't only resist code that will be given on my email... idk what to do [HGM]Quaz pls help me to recover my acc. pls send me a new pass: pls......