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  1. 3x Exp & 2x Drop

    Activated untill server times midnight.
  2. Christmas RING

    Not too bad of idea, question is if we will execute it, and if we even can do that, hence Im not alone voting on it.
  3. Op Dmg ? O.o

    We already know that Familiar Sprits is way too strong, also you have to actually hit with it too, to deal dmg.
  4. HGM Position

    Yeah, you might want to change ur signature then, you pleb!

    For harrasing and spamming players, his and JUTOSHIT is jailed untill next Sunday 19 may 9 pm server time
  6. HGM Position

    We will think about it later.
  7. Kill The [GM] Event

    Each winner recieves 120 dk's
  8. Sit with the [GM] Event

    Sit with GM Goal sit the closest possible to the hosting GM in ghostmode after some time the GM exit from invisible mode and the closest player get the reward reward 175 DK Round 1: Location: Ardeca Winner: Charisma Round 2: Location: Ardeca Winner: KingCelestalII Round 3: Location: Loa Winner: IMBAxDD Round 4: Location: Loa Winner: MurderDeathKiLL Round 5: Location: Chain of Fire Winner: Charisma Round 6: Location: Python Castle Winner: Pryor Round 7: Location: Battle Arena Winner: Shinobi
  9. To you Raskoljinikov

    I know that alot of kids are playing this game, but remember this is an 17+ game, it even says it when you login in the game. Some of you just think you can pick on me? Well keep it up you will see, where my "job" leads you too. If you fail to realize what the OP of this thread has done it's not my fault, and if you keep adding nonsense to it, I will be dealing with you. Why I don't say anything else about other posts? Well maybe because I was gone for over a YEAR? Might take that for a consideration. I can tell you even this much. The person here being shamed is more what of an enemy in the game for me. (Who would have thought that, right?) It wont change the fact that I have to keep forum clean. You want to bum each other? Do it in game. Just remember there's a certain lvl of TT, that you can do there aswell.. If you wish still to discuss this, my Inbox is open. Let's also not forget all the people I have helped over my time here, who on my characters usually insult me on a daily basis
  10. To you Raskoljinikov

    Let's not mention that I was gone for over a year too.
  11. To you Raskoljinikov

    Did you ever report it to me? No? Then stop making up nonsense.
  12. To you Raskoljinikov

    Ignorance at it's finest.
  13. To you Raskoljinikov

    1. When creating a thread:It is not allowed to create topics including: acount-selling / flame / bashing / advertisment-of-other-servers / pornography / keylogger of any other illegal software.3. Be respectful:Do not harass, threaten, call names, and insult other posters. "Treat others the way you would like to be treated", with respect. If you insult any staff member this will lead to a direct ban of forums. If you have a problem with someone in particular use the PM system to contact him and tell him what is bothering you or, if the issue is persistent or serious, PM a staff mmber. Don't start threads about this over and over again. No you are not allowed to act here like you want. Do not tell me how to do my job, you are obligated to follow the rules, the same way as I am. Neither HIM or YOU or anyone else are allowed to break the rules or constantly harras each other. Also he is not my friend, even if he was, there would be no special treatment to him or anyone else. Im here to do my job and make sure people follow the rules, the next time before you challange me to my duties, make sure you are aware of the rules!
  14. To you Raskoljinikov

    It's one thing if you want to prove the amount of shield you have over, if the person is not believing you, but don't come here being all cocky about it, doesn't look good from a Champion.
  15. Boss Hunt

    Bosses spawned: Agacion (Event) - 2x Incarnation of Helion (Event) - 2x Cherubim (Event) - 1x Angry Agacion (Core Event) - 1x Angry Incarnation of Helion (Event) 1x Angry Yogmond (Core Event) - 1x Angry Karke (Core Event) - 1x Also some treasures and exp entities.