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  1. Is it worth it ?

    Don't know if I ever will be back
  2. Balancing Team

    So far I have 3 ppl that im taking for the team! 7 Slots open.
  3. Balancing Team

    Core Players! We are looking for a team, to make the characters balanced quicker. Our Dev alone can't figure out everything, even if one thing is being reported at a time, not always it reaches him instantly. So Im here looking for a team of max 10 people. The job is quite easy. A group of 10 people will be working together (may also work alone if you prefer so) to find any bug in the classes, anything thats too broken, overpowered that needs to be nerfed, that needs to be increased. I assume you're getting the idea. The requirments are that all of you togeher have all the classes geared, one can have more than 1 class (that would be pretty nice), so that everything can be tested within this group of people. You will have to Private Message me on my forum inbox, providing information of what classes you have and if they are geared. (+0 againts +13 wont be much use in testing classes in pvp), Based on that I will decide who we take for the team for the time being. Now ofcourse this wont be done for free, as it was requested by Owner and Dev themself, we rather want to try and make A6 an enjoyable experience. Should the Balancing team succeed Every Single Member of that team will be awarded via Dshop. (6,500Dshop). But don't worry should it not be as succsessful, everyone still will be awarded, but an smaller amount.
  4. 1v1 PvP Event

    Round 1 rewards: 150 dk's Round 2 rewards: 200 dk's Round 3 rewards: 250 dk's Finalst reward: 300 dk's
  5. facts

    I have been playing here for many years, probably even before you ever came here. So you won't tell me that you know how this game has been trough out all it's years. All you know is to complain. And I kidnly suggest, you stop doing that, and rather cooporate. You want "Events", well I want people to attend them, wasn't long till even not a high number showed up, then I came back after 1 year of absance, guess what not much changed. And Im the only GM now who can even host any other event than Exp, since Light dislikes pvp type events. Guards now have the permission to host event's they have added Dmg inc. to their auras so they can help new starters trough first 100 lvls and advise them. And when they do something like Guess ... This/That or H&S it will only help yourself, as they can advance quicker to higher postion and do more. Also you say were hiring "wierd" staff.. Do you even know how many ppl apply who are not fit for it.. and every person we take is a hard choice, cuz either we know this person will be not fitted, or we know nothing about this person and just have to see where it will go for him? That's how the situation for Thunder was, we knew nothing about it, he had no record, and we didn't know him as player.. anways Im done with this conversation. Have a nice day. ~Sincerely, Siren.
  6. facts

    I understand more than you ever, and whats the reason to make those events when nothings balanced yet? Once class just eliminates everyone else, and then they will cry about how unfair that was. Do you get the point? Do you rather join an event where u can win? Or have no chance at all. Every suggetion so for how to balance the classes, I've forwarded to Sam, which he took to advice. If you want your "champ" event and more things to happen quicker, start helping out with making the classes balanced out.
  7. facts

    Bye! You won't be missed, if all you do is care for "champ" event, instead of try and help improve.
  8. LMS Event (delayed post)

    First 3 round winners recieved: 250 dk's Finalst recieved: 500 dk's
  9. oOCutieMarieOo / o0CutieMarie0o real money

    Every single account that was traced down from just Cutie is currently banned! We also know that some accounts might have been shared. If you who were banned care about those accounts. You might want to message us, giving us info of who you are, whats your main accounts now and which one was banned. As we would like to be sure that if we unbann, it's not one of his accounts.

    For now it's more like facts that you're stating out, as Dmg too high, inc. Cd's and so.. What really would help if for each class we could bring out an detailed info. Like for example: Mage Skill this and that or most. At this/that Build does this and that dmg Which is too high or low, skill this/that Needs to be nerfed/buffed, cd increased/decreased. I think something like that might help us much as you guys, as much as Dev to know what he should try to adjust and balance? If you agree you may start all giving some sort of report cards as an example that I mentioned.
  11. 3x Exp & 2x Drop

    Activated untill server times midnight.
  12. Christmas RING

    Not too bad of idea, question is if we will execute it, and if we even can do that, hence Im not alone voting on it.
  13. Op Dmg ? O.o

    We already know that Familiar Sprits is way too strong, also you have to actually hit with it too, to deal dmg.
  14. HGM Position

    Yeah, you might want to change ur signature then, you pleb!
  15. OUCHIE

    For harrasing and spamming players, his and JUTOSHIT is jailed untill next Sunday 19 may 9 pm server time