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  1. WTS pure dks

    trade ak for aloken set?
  2. Class Championship 2019 Event

    ONLY ONE SET OF RINGS, once you're teleported to your fight only have 1 set of 4 rings with you, both players will be checked before the fight we can see all items on you, if you have 5 rings not 4, you're disqualified. - 4 Rings and 2 Earings right @GM-LightSide?
  3. idk that i can do it. Will try put chars in macro too.
  4. Tyrath`s signiture

    i want too wow
  5. Time Frames

    gmt -3
  6. Event Scheduling and Ideas

    Christmas ring once a year is a long time and becomes uneven for new players, do a summer event, or put it on a quest. This will move the server. Naruke Event: Naruke is being used for weapon upgrades and exchanges, bossing it up or doing weekly event. You are no longer dropping 7% damage and magic damage stones. HP 5k stones are also virtually impossible to drop onto the server. Put it in boss or make events Need to upgrade bosses such as Helion Boss so that it drops current items, as well as the DF that still drops New set, could drop at least legion DN items. Arena Event, with the inclusion of the arena in A6, this feature can be best exploited for PVP and Party PVP events. In addition to the XP Event, Rank Square Event, this would propel everyone to stay on. It could be on Saturday the rank and Sunday of xp
  7. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

    yhea true, but im on now, pme in game, guild Gods
  8. WTT Alo+13 set/VS+12/13 =HB

    JQ later pm me in game, lets find a deal for trade itens.
  9. yhea all pieces re 20%, need fix it wow
  10. Sale or trade

    u selling or what? this a normal item in game. have alot of weps with this stats droped in boss.
  11. Believe it or not it excess

    Well , this stats gloves i never see in game in drops, so, we need know what happened. what boss drop it, we want farm gloves with this stats too. and dont need acess server files for know if its possible drop or no in game, only check share monster stats drop boss code, u will know all % and stats drop itens. take all name of boss that drop helion and check it. its not hard and end of this discution. if have a time tonight i will check and post here.

    The problem that i dont know price for it too. xD
  13. DK-SQ

    normal for me, u vs 2 bw full damage, not used chacras. with buff mage damage decresead. dont forget that bws can leave ress, in video show one using it, and other later. 2 bw vs 1 cs , 0 chance for victory.
  14. Believe it or not it excess

  15. Test Server !

    did one and test. get a virtual server ( deal 16 g memory), take client put him with a BD server ( download one with 12 class a9), fix ips with virtual server and test. have sites that can teach u do it.