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  1. let me translate those alien language to english
  2. error.

    How can we solve this? ... i cant play.
  3. EngKanTaDa botting

    ah.. Authomatically loot ? skill?
  4. EngKanTaDa botting

    how can we notice that was a hack/cheat? @GM-Rail like botter?
  5. Please report with evidence
  6. nad i hope you post it real and we dont know Gm will punish those scammer's
  7. To be Honest man i been also got scam from iRhum dks (that moment that the wings cannot be trade) i didnt quit. it is just a moral lessen we must to learn even we go down learn to stand-up and dont make it again -- irhea
  8. Better?

    For farming it not Good but u must always watch your heath for it
  9. Scamming Attempts

    i already Experience that thing xD hahaha +13 then change to +0 XD
  10. Accusing

  11. Some of Black Wizard skills are work if ur ms is low and its better u used old skill and reblockingShield(New color blue skill) it will take 3x hit if high ms if low i will damage 7x i just observe it ( TAHAR)
  12. Better?

    Black wizard are Good For Pvp
  13. HE accuse(accusing) that we are scammer... either me or Karaoke or us He say that I (we ) are scammers we are a Goodlplayer sir... If u didnt understand call a filipino that can translate Goodday and GodBless
  14. Jump Hack

    that was what we called xD Ignorant xD