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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    can't reset skill through npc or master mistake...i lost dekaron coin due to this bug...
  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    I'm not able to learn Rira cume- 2 and Chircon - 2 after skill reset for DK class. Additionally some of my characters are not able utilize the skill reset - pic below PIcture said i got 1 reset but after i press "OK", the system said "Cannot be reset anymore"
  3. unable to learn dk skill

    Hi core team, I'm not able to learn Rira cume- 2 and Chircon - 2 after reset for DK class. Please fix
  4. unable to reset skills

    PIcture said i got 1 reset but after i press "OK", the system said "Cannot be reset anymore"

    riley...dont hurt his feelings.... he said he doesn't like cheaters HAHAHAHAHAHHAH
  6. ez soowoo and xthori

    Do us all a favor and stop playing DK. Easy class.
  7. EllinBR stun hack

    Whether the player DC or teleport out after he/she used the stun skill, the stun effect WILL have the SAME duration as it should. Any veteran players here can tell you as much. All i ask you is to not make quick judgement without understanding the mechanics of the game. But here's the summary of what i just said @Head-GM-Waffle
  8. EllinBR stun hack

    he tele because he didn't want to die for the 4th time...
  9. See his first stun then 2nd stun. Have u seen a 30s stun from bagi :)????? Stun hack cheat engine. Please ban. Also, if he transfer item to another character, please find it as well. Be fair. @Head-GM-Waffle @GM-LightSide
  10. and your decision for Txiv and Dkcromwell? you're leaving them stunning people forever :)))))?????
  11. Waffle, u banned benjie fairly quickly when he provided proof showing that he didn't use cheat engine. I sent this video in ur message on October 19 and you haven't ban Txiv and Dkcromwell yet? What is the reason for that?? @Head-GM-Waffle
  12. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    can the accuser Quiro and Bestcry point out the cheating engine for me?? i'm blind as fk!!!
  13. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    ok murderr, we all know who u are. No need to lie. I'm not banned for a reason. It just too difficult for you to comprehend. Simply put, i'm just much better than you lmfao
  14. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    ask gm cractal to send u the video retard. It calls skill unlike your stupid ass. You are the real botter lmfao!!!!!
  15. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    why dont u show everyone why we cannot stun you?????? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA