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  1. CORE SO DEAD ! :(

    a9 ruined all? lol as if a9 dont have a life. it is even better than a3 gameplay
  2. CORE SO DEAD ! :(

    its not about u gms its about the higher staffs in a9 we suggested tons of new things. its alot really but lets make it this way not even one suggestions is even applied on a9. and the bugs they have been reported several times but still they are here so many patches have passed they werent even fixed
  3. CORE SO DEAD ! :(

    its not about that, you know what the staffs here are too scared to give us players higher incentives. in a9 we expected to have 3x points for this christmas holiday but sadly staffs never even gave it to us only the double donation, who even wants to donate much on a dying server. you could at least give us more incentives or more things the people wanted instead of having all things for the staffs gain only.
  4. WTS 2 good dragon claws

  5. WTS 2 good dragon claws

    Let me buy When will u online I offer you 300mdils XD hahaha
  6. A Banned Person Mad :3

    Hes stop spamming that spammer. I wish he will be banned
  7. Map Bug

    Ye you need to downoad the latest patch so you wont see the pink lines there...

    I think all of you guys so strong but don't forget to put your name too cause your strong too Hahahahahahahahahahhaha XD IGN:kenkotaro