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  1. +1 for u nice catch , i think it is a tele hack , there is no way that he teleported back from loa or logged out and logged in cuz he started to move the same sec that he spawned there usualy there is a wait time when u login or teleport from city to new map. But now its up to higher hand to make decision what to do.
  2. Elonohm Bug !!!

    Hmm i tried to enter w/o buffs and i didnt crashed , i also removed that Hallowen Special costume maybe that was causing me crash but i think now its solved.Dont buff and take off that silly costume and it shoud be oke for me
  3. Elonohm Bug !!!

    I would appreciate it but ill try 1 more time to go in and out w/o any buffs to make it sure and ill leave my reply here with the result.
  4. Elonohm Bug !!!

    I had my own buffs , and i crashed 3 times so far and my friend also and the other mage that is with us doesnt have that problem hmm
  5. Elonohm Bug !!!

    In Elonohm at Immortal Chamber (Revelator) there is a teleport bug , so when u try to go out of the chamber client is crashing, im not sure about other room teleports there but you shoud check them too. TY
  6. what i think

    Req for the weapon were always the same and they wont be changed.
  7. Spamming me all the time !

    Next time when u want to add a reply use a google translate cuz u sound like a 8 years old , he is spamming and making accusation w/o any proof.
  8. I stoled his boss and he was spamming me for 5 minutes that im hacker in normal as in world chat !
  9. Failed Satanic on +9 x7 TIMES

    Well to +9 its 50% for sucssess and u failed 7 times , u also need to consider if u tried 7 more times maybe it would go up every time and that would confirm rates of the server too.Probably a bad day for u , you shoud store items and try again next day.
  10. Location for Dead Front?

    Before u go to the DF buy map according to your lvl , then teleport to Colosseum and from there u can teleport to Chain of Fire.Once there find pt and enjoy.
  11. bugg?

    When u fortify , dont go to blacksmith with 1 item , try taking 5 - 10 same items fortify them to +7 then try them to +8 +9 and eventualy u will get +10 too, its a best way to do.
  12. Request - Signature

    IGN : Spanker Color : white , red , blue Font : doesnt matter Ty in advance
  13. LF Active Guild (Old Player )

    Im looking for active and friendly guild with TS or Vent, im 1rb mage IGN : Spanker