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  1. WTS Aloken !

    how much armor?
  2. Selling +13s

    how much hunter?? pm me price
  3. is gloves still available?
  4. Forever stun? lets just w8 what the GM decide cause its hard to talk to the guilty players hahaha
  5. What? hahaha dont know how my brain works?? hahaha so why he got band? hu? hahaha your comment shows that your defeding a cheater hahaha @the guilty comments! accusing someone who just playing fair...
  6. nc comment bro but im not worried becuase im playing fair.. not like you using some other programs just to be strong in the game... im just chilling im certified FAIR PLAYER! so no worries hahaha
  7. what the ****!! i am involve now? hahaha... that VS got BUG only not because of us! i dont know whats got into him! its not a good proof! you saw at the begining of the vedio that he was already bug... i just got there... and his already like that!! NC! try!
  8. Stun Effect Cheats!

    +1 same experience
  9. GM/Staffs Take Action Plsss