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  1. Bring back a3 gameplay

    Sure!! Hahaha its not beacuse of the software. Its beacuse how we play the game! Too much talked when you loose!! All you know is how to cry dramaQueen
  2. Bring back a3 gameplay

    Me too bestCry..
  3. Fresh +13

    Selling +13 DN juto whip 21%cd Clean.. Thanks pablos.
  4. Bring back a3 gameplay

    Bye bye bye!! By:NSYNC
  5. Bring back a3 gameplay

  6. Siege

    Thats what you called last minute applied.
  7. Suggested

    Patience is a virtue bro!! Like you we are newbie before. We start from nothing..
  8. pvp bug area range bug

    LEGION guild? Hahaha not s*******!!
  9. :)

  10. :)

    We glad to see you again guys..
  11. :)

    Blah blah blah. Hahaha
  12. :)

    Hows the life man? Hahaha i saw your video on class champ. And you look idiot. Hahaha bye
  13. HGM-Waffle

    Adios amigo!! Hahahhaa k bye!!
  14. Thats not posible if you are full buffs
  15. Challenge to Yano