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  1. I had a nice time :)

    Thanks Kyle for everything. Farewell
  2. Harassment & Spams

    I dont see too
  3. Kill The [GM] Event + Suprise

    Map Draco Desert Reward :150 Dkeach per winner Suprise Spawn Boss : Agacion + Undo Mazookie Congratulations For Winners {Core-Staff}
  4. DK Square Event

    Location: DK Square Map Event Mechanics: The main objective of the event is to destroy the Mainstone located at the middle of the Map, which drops the Winner's Sword which will then be traded to the hosting GM. The player who trades the Winner's Sword to the GM wins the event, together with his entire party. Reward : 150 DK
  5. Treasure Hunt Event + Suprise

    Spawned treasure chests in Braiken Castle: dk feathers argates dills cakes Suprise bosses in loa : spawned Agaccion , Duce Marble , Undo Mazookie Regards {Core}Staff
  6. Change Siege Time for PH players

    No but maybe for other players is good.
  7. Sit With 2 GM's + Suprise

    Map , Loa Agency, Goal: Sit the closest possible from the GM in ghostmode win Reward 150 dks Winners of each rounds 1 : IIISTRONGERIIBAGIII , Kyouku 2 : Erzaaa , xAUBREYx 3 : RealCurseCS , IIISTRONGERIIBAGIII Suprise : Spawned bosses :Agacion , Incarnation of Helion Regards
  8. Change Siege Time for PH players

    Hello, You want change time of siege for ph players, what then with other players from europe asia united states etc. Dont think about only few players think about time on earth. Regards
  9. Already problem is solved try to make your new account. Regards
  10. CursedVagina jailed

    18. Bad Character Names• Character names pertaining bad words is not allowed on our server.• Punishment:• 1st Offense Character jailed until name is changed, will be changed to something random that we choose if you want a good name you'll have to buy a rename seed and do it yourself, your fault for choosing a bad name in the first place.• 2nd Offense Account banned Player don't want to change his name.
  11. Last Man Standing

    Mechanics: -NO PARTYS -HAVE tO BE FLAGGED ALL THE TIME -DC=DQED -NO TEAMS WINNERS OF EACH ROUNDS: 1 = {Champion}Ashe 2 = Shinji 3 = Shinji 4 = Shinji Reward was 200 dk per round Regards
  12. Boss Spawn Event

    Map Loa Castle Boss spawned: Agacion (Event), Incarnation of Helion (Event), Duce Mable (Event), Cherubim (Event) and Neo Deux Marble, spawn xp mobs , Gold,Silver, treasures box with Dils,feather's and DK's
  13. Hunter Dagger skill

    Maybe harakiri xD
  14. +12 / +13 gears exchanger A3

    Good idea i see few posts already about it☺
  15. Suggestion