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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    this is not a bug but need to adjust damage . SEGU vs SEGU only takes 10 seconds to finish and its done this is only a pvp class { NOT FULL BUFFS } . the old skills is useless since the OP skills of segu fast cd 16seconds destiny explode and the other 1 and the new skill. i think the damage is good only the shield maybe need to adjust .

    when i log in the forum this morning so many complaints at the chat box about benjie getting release or should i say " UNBAN " for me unbanning him is not good since hes been abusing the championship event , and you even unban him with his title " CHAMPION " maybe i can call him " {CHAMPION BY ABUSING THE WTFAST IN THE CHAMP EVENT} " is it? im not friends with that shinigaml i even fought with him in the pvp when i was playing in the server 2017 i think and that Shinigaml is so damn good . so sad he quit the game because of this Benjie abuse it . when i watch the CHAMPIONSHIP SEGURIPER finals at YOUTUBE . what i saw is freaking impossible shinigaml cant use skill properly and he even left the game because of it . - WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS , ONLY REAL TALENT DESERVE TO HAVE THAT TITLE - {CHAMPION}BENJIE ? when i see his name walking in the town all i see is a TRASH WALKING IN ARDECA " HE DONT DESERVE TO WEAR THAT TITLE " UNBAN HIM AND STILL HAVE THE TITLE IS A BIG JOKE .JUSTICE FOR THE SEGU HE FOUGHT AT THE CHAMP EVENT . signing off bread

  4. +12 helion PANTS segnale ( NORMAL ) pm your offers thanks
  5. Anyone Still Remember me? ^^

    dont remember you .maybe Swan a hunter?
  6. Things Happen on This Server ..

  7. Asking about champ and other.

    i agree . siege war will be more exiciting and there will be more people when the reward is DKs. im sure there will be 3 guild in siege war if the prize is DKs hope you will approved @Head-GM-Kyle
  8. Let's Help Core Come Back!

    its almost a month now without xtreme
  9. Let's Help Core Come Back!

    @Co-Head-GM-Kyle im warning you , stop double posting here . jst kidding ill just wait that update Kyle talking about , hope this server will have a huge comeback . remember -FaLLeN-Veterans is always here get ready
  10. Let's Help Core Come Back!

    to be honest .if you want help core .go vote . its easy right? .but the xtremetop100 now is down so cant do anything .you cant simply help the server by having some fun . how can you have some fun when theres no people / players ingame? . solution : fix the voting system question : best way to recuit players? answer : make the core #1 on xtremetop100 and when the core is #1 again , then we have some new players and more pks and i can support what you saying about ( HELP US AND HAVE SOME FUN )
  11. items for free

    hahahah asa
  12. items for free

    brad lams na hahaha sa akoa ihatag animas
  13. [New Branch] Tutorials & Awards

    this will make the game more fun ! i hope dev and higher staffs approve it +1
  14. Server DEAD

    we already do that . we even have suggestions in suggestion bar . but guess what? no actions