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  1. WTT/WTS Hunter set

    Trade to summy?
  2. All items can be traded for SEGNALE items ! Sets: Aloken Helion set full +13 No leguts and no hermess ( Helion boots and helm +13) . 2 golden weapon. Both normal with Gems.(Sold) parts: Hunter: Helion pants +13 DN 48 Increse in defense! Wings/Accessories: (Selling) Wings of inferno: Aloken / Segnale . (Sold) Wings of the Moon : Aloken/Segu/Hunter (sold) VS Dshop wings full Hp gems . (Sold) Str Dragon Aura. Yukata / Witch/Swimming costumes mage (SOLD) Weapons: Dragon wand +13 (Sold) Abadon Whip +13 (Sold) ABandon Orb +13 (SOLD) abandon TB 3% CD 80 ID +13 (Sold) ——————————————— Buying: Hb : Helion pants / Glove +13 Segnale: Helion /legion +13 Gloves. ——————————————— For any offer text me in private.
  3. Buying: Def/HP Wings Gems +13 DN Hermess Mage +13 Juto Wand 5% CD + selling: +13 Aban TB 3% CD 83 ID /+13 Aban Orb. /w me
  4. Class Championship 2019 Event

    We can Register now? I got some questions. Change Aura not allowed? Change set not allowed? Change Rings not allowed? Change earings not allowed? Change wings not allowed? We can use all buffs ( candy etc)? Or only Class buffs? and ty xoxo : ) Also if we can aplly now I wanna Aplly Ign:Fairy Class :Mage
  5. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    There's something in common between me and you,you have fully right about stones should go middle and I've suggested that. and about Ranks I feel there's should be Double GP like there is double Drop and Exp