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  1. Class Championship 2019 Event

    We can Register now? I got some questions. Change Aura not allowed? Change set not allowed? Change Rings not allowed? Change earings not allowed? Change wings not allowed? We can use all buffs ( candy etc)? Or only Class buffs? and ty xoxo : ) Also if we can aplly now I wanna Aplly Ign:Fairy Class :Mage
  2. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    There's something in common between me and you,you have fully right about stones should go middle and I've suggested that. and about Ranks I feel there's should be Double GP like there is double Drop and Exp
  3. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    yeah I played some dksq till I realized how boring is dksq and how dirty play there. and then double account that happen there when the strong players keep reolg to be in the strong team to win and they put there alt in other side .When I saw this bullshit I stopped play dksq since then. and I hate to farm rank like that. The concept of DK-SQ when u be half geared or fully geared u go there to complete the other half of you and that Ranks. You go there to quit of farming mood. Not to go to other farm and is "Stones" not kill players to rank or something . idk what you guys see Dksq.
  4. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    So true,Being maxed rank should not be easy ! In my point If they move stones middle so we don't have to feel like we farming it will make Dksq great.
  5. iM Back ?

    Welcome Back !!
  6. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    I agree ,and I've suggest something and as: To move stones middle so we can kill the stones and start fighting each other **That is the real Dk-SQ should be. Not to feel like i'm farming. If we want to farm there's a farming maps. But here we need to fight,I played 2 dksq without even any players die we was just go fast and kill stones and stay there till it respawn. And Add more PP when we kill an enemy so there's be benefit to kill an enemy Let me know if you guys agree with me or disagree with me and why @Everyone
  7. Hola

    Don't be afraid to tell your story to anyone. Evil people will be here as long as good guys here. We love you and we appreciate what have you done for us as a players and as a human. We here to support you and Core Staff. Just remember there's always people who loves you. and I'm glad to say I'm one of them. Stay strong truth will come out .
  8. I am just curious!!!

    you could be more nicer.
  9. I am just curious!!!

    That just dropped for me now. I'm I a editor now?
  10. Tittle. Preffer IMD leave your price or go direct to talk. ; )
  11. I am just curious!!!

    What the fk? This is all legal and those rings are normal? wont you stop bullying ? x.x
  12. Test Server !

    Oh Okay,you can close the Topic I guess. Thank you
  13. Test Server !

    Is there anyway I can join the test server?,I got alot of stuff I wanna try. x.x
  14. Believe it or not it excess

    Are you kidding me man? Why the hell you hate this guy? What the hell you want from him? why you want him dead as hell ? Can you chill please? omfg. He get PP same as us. He get Exp same as us. He get dils same as us. He gets dks same as us. He get feathers same as us. He get D-shop same as us. He get argates same as us. He's Succ rate same as us. He's drop rate same as us. Not just a little of luck makes him different at all . Stop this hate I beg to you brother.
  15. Believe it or not it excess

    If there's something wrong with those gloves. Staff team would done something long time ago. They didn't even need your proof,opinion : )