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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    i think meds medial and AMR are still bug! can you please check DEV? i try to dmg a full med and with amr! the dmg is not d same but d difference is too little! plus : CS achilles burst silence is too long. here take a look.
  2. S>OP MAGE☺

    CS set +13 with gold DB+13 magic! costume and wing! i can add dks for your 2nd weap and xtra armor and helm. pm me
  3. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    A3 less bug than A6! dev upgrage A3 to A6 to balance the all the class and ofc the new skills and maps. but now A6 is on? where is the balance? the over power and less power class still exist! dev just rotate the wheel! just like a joke! your on top and now your in the bottom. #A6isgoodifbalanceexist
  4. is your dk helion helm still available???
  5. Making Legatus +13 by Request.

    wew OVER PRICED!
  6. WTT/S +13 hunter

  7. pvp bug area range bug

    http://blingee.com/blingee/view/103344632-brainless-simpson wew nice brain xDDDD
  8. pvp bug area range bug

    updated pls check thanks.
  9. i pvp with DELUX TWICE AND AFTER HE ACCEPT MY PVP INVITATION HE RUN NEAR ICE AND NEVER COME BACK HOW COME DIDNT LOSE ???? HIS NOT ON PVP RANGE AREA! THE 2ND PVP I RECORD IT AND Rendez help me find where he is and Rendez told me he is on his party so i run to him and he is in near ice pvp area. and i lose. can u please explain or give some punishment for using third party software. pls take time to see the video thanks.
  10. helion and juto for 70k only wow so cheap!!!!
  11. only warning for using a cheat bug trade and request while on pvp????