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  1. now coppers take place of dks and feathers get rid of the argates more feathers more dks its only logical first boss drops lots of dks feathers and ok dn rings no gear last boss drops good dn rings nothing else no gear treasures should have helion gear juto weps ( no abbadon or dragon no gear under the top lvls) to reflect the lvl that it pertains too . dn rings and 14% or better gems 15% or pyramid 7-8% % will be found in final treasure room armories dn rings and yes you see it right away there's less dks with the argates and that 's not needed there we have ice castle so increase the dks and feathers and good rings, people will flock to df hell
  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    df timer bugged
  3. a crying shame

    ill be more precise screen the candidates form a team of 6 ,the 6 people will be beta testers at the end of the session they get there pay and it s 1 time issue only not a repeated pay out total pay out is 60k dk 60k d shop 10 k of each for each team member ,end and it over rules are simple 1 hr a day for a min of 7 hrs a week tester must login each day no cumulative time it does not count for daily logins , produce a report of a min of 10 things found yes the game had bugs crashing and the like but at least they could login and play some what , now there still a cross section of players that cant even load the game let alone login sure there was bug but not to this extent , say what you want no excuses, time is not an option when the context in which its presented is not conducive to a working game or that the effects are such a determent that it shuts down the server side host its better done as a package deal for every fix on 1 side could disrupt other things i have not forgotten the beta on how they did it its 22 yrs old from date of deployment from Korea Sam personally was disappointed with the turn out for the test at the time this is why he did this with no other recourse taken or suggestion given from higher had he made a closed section on server with the 6 ppl needed to run and test and report he would be ahead of the game and server has unlimited resources to generate it so im skeptical to believe that and also 1 other thing from what i see the load on staff is way out of control and that staff have to go to the extent of having to (remote login to fix there game and pc in process "don't know if this is still done") along with repeatedly telling people to add files to there antivirus or defender or to turn it off For those that have these apps on there pc and run into this problem ,sorry to say, thankfully the staff is nice here try a public server see what happens . Its up to YOU the people to learn about your pc how it works how the apps work and what the relation is between them and that the old proverb of less is more can't be a better example than this nice to have staff to help you , now to all out there how bout helping your selves to help core staff by learning more of your things and being more self sufficient to reduce the unnecessary load on the staff that you ultimately created when you installed that antivirus ,or did not learn on how to turn off defender and take the responsibility to do research to improve your learning curve and not burden staff with mundane problems but tackle real issues
  4. a crying shame

    hey king what format are u using for your pc btw ??
  5. a crying shame

    i want some thing that s works FOR ALLLLLL dev sam worked with what he has and the support that was given whether it was enough this is the net result . and that's the problem hes working too hard he needs the resources to work smarter as for those that afk and fish that's there choice ,me i farm it with class and style and d*******te the time. I always make the adventure of it so its never stale always something a foot, and if this was done back in 1999 when game shack did the first north American introduction from Korea and sprung it on the backs of the players like its done now ,we would not be having this conversation and core would not exist as this . A3 till its done proper then launch a6 in all its glory , you never say never i ve noticed and lots of people crying in game which is why it seems you don't have the peoples voice, or ear to listen with, that's why we have 2 of them so we can listen 2x as much as we talk AND HOW CAN THEY BE HAPPY IF THEY CAN'T PLAY ,FORUM NIGHT AND DAY ASKING FOR HELP !I CAN'T PLAY ! WONT LOAD ERRRORS ANTIVIRUS ON OR OFF DOESN'T MATTER I SEE YOU WOULD PREFER THAT THEN and you should talk
  6. manual patch downloads with a virus

    hahahhaahhaha keep playin with the antivirus uninstall that junk all core patches are free of nasties and if the cloud detected nothing then its obvious you are being scammed by your own antivirus into a false sense of security ,bet ya have a virus any ways that it did'nt detect or came with your definitions , like a crack dealer get you hooked for the very first time
  7. a crying shame

    Lot of people are beyond mad to the point of tears what was core master and dev thinking never mind that people wanna leave, the people that donated are so disappointed , what i don't understand is what have the players done to deserve this torture Now i ask for petition to bring back a3 till all this is solved ,core master, sorry guy ,but seems that no thought was given as to how this was gonna come out and what affect this was gonna have .Why were there no teams set up with incentives to get people to endeavor to help the dev ya know 10 k d shop and 10k dks for the help would have been at no cost to core master and benefited all concerned. Now it to the point it wont work on any pc unless you have a good knowledge to coax it along the nsse.exe and the dekaron exe have an issue i fix ed all my game now im waiting on you to fix the host and server codes alike this all could have been avoided with a little incentive ,say what you want the game is getting killed at your own hands no hackers or ddos attacks needed and yes my custom crappy xp os still reins supreme enjoy your bugs antiviruses and what ever junk you have installed they told me xp is passe and that i cant be productive hmmmm speak for you self blue screen meanie with the 100 apps running and you top of the line pc 16 core or what ever running like a dual core 500 mhz with win 10 that you have an issue every day now you call that productive
  8. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    df bug 1st boss drops noting and second has drop on every 2nd poor quality drop not that many dks and rings suck and helion gear should be there not 240 set its 250df after all
  9. recent tweak to master skill mage

    now the skill is useless does nothing on mobs let alone statues it supposed to be a master skill and rank up there with the main skills now i can throw it in the garbage i also checked against other skills and the low lvl skills are now stronger than a master skills aqua circle is stronger lolz
  10. abandon and dragon weapons

    i noticed no stone to fortify dragon to abbadon this mean abbadon is drop only now
  11. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    i d like to point out this is bugs let take the market out to the general discussions
  12. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    as we know its hard work and doing this right is a daunting task much as it may seem the dev is working too hard and needs a team to work smarter by ,which is why i don't understand how so many bugs went by unchecked even if it was a general check . that being said the release should have never happened, with all do respect to players and staff alike to save us grief . now as it is we have all played our part to report often enough bugs now and in previous editions .And so we forge ahead let take this time now to fix it fast and efficiently for both us and the staff and dev I've posted a couple even though i run a weirdo set up i'm no noob to it and i know when a game is on spot or if my junk is not up to snuff and I will not post unless i'm absolutely sure or i ll need a second opinion or suggestion if we all post 2 or 3 different bugs that we find as we go 'that are not on the list of discovered like the fortifier says on the close button 311.8 dropping vouchers in deadland rudni disonnect you segs in chernubin 2 skill kills fortifier all messed up goes to +12 no diamond writing on the argates +1~+3 +4~+.6 a all mesed up close button says 311.8 instead of close , mystra in ardeca near ice has korean writing so lets put the beans in so we can get back to the fun
  13. map rudni/oasis cartel magic field of crevice

    nope still buged in this patch disconnect you from server and u respawn at ur set point
  14. cherubin can not farm

    wearing +13 set u die 1 hit now lolz can not farm at all especially the segs say 3k hit and it 15
  15. cant enter rudni it crashes magic field crevice abyss still crashes last boss all issues are fixed last patch ok so far now all working up to this point skills hit low in all chars or off hit monsters hit hard even good gear is not good