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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    i d like to point out this is bugs let take the market out to the general discussions
  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    as we know its hard work and doing this right is a daunting task much as it may seem the dev is working too hard and needs a team to work smarter by ,which is why i don't understand how so many bugs went by unchecked even if it was a general check . that being said the release should have never happened, with all do respect to players and staff alike to save us grief . now as it is we have all played our part to report often enough bugs now and in previous editions .And so we forge ahead let take this time now to fix it fast and efficiently for both us and the staff and dev I've posted a couple even though i run a weirdo set up i'm no noob to it and i know when a game is on spot or if my junk is not up to snuff and I will not post unless i'm absolutely sure or i ll need a second opinion or suggestion if we all post 2 or 3 different bugs that we find as we go 'that are not on the list of discovered like the fortifier says on the close button 311.8 dropping vouchers in deadland rudni disonnect you segs in chernubin 2 skill kills fortifier all messed up goes to +12 no diamond writing on the argates +1~+3 +4~+.6 a all mesed up close button says 311.8 instead of close , mystra in ardeca near ice has korean writing so lets put the beans in so we can get back to the fun
  3. map rudni/oasis cartel magic field of crevice

    nope still buged in this patch disconnect you from server and u respawn at ur set point
  4. cherubin can not farm

    wearing +13 set u die 1 hit now lolz can not farm at all especially the segs say 3k hit and it 15
  5. cant enter rudni it crashes magic field crevice abyss still crashes last boss all issues are fixed last patch ok so far now all working up to this point skills hit low in all chars or off hit monsters hit hard even good gear is not good
  6. no skill books for new skills

    no skill books for new skills mage
  7. unable to install on and other drive

    actually sorry i can instal lit it wont load sorry and im on custom xp i just extract and go it works fine on c drive not on d drive it crashes during loading
  8. can't in stall on a drive that has ntfs and the main drive fat32 it crashes at 75.4% has to be installed on c drive where ur os resides
  9. n bridges and lots white
  10. abyss is different i have no probs in a b or c crevice its abyss thats my issue u have to stay and finish it till the last boss is dead
  11. so yea did what i could and still at the last boss in python magic field of crevice abyss the dragon pitaf last 1 poof o well
  12. no there's many problems and even the gms have a hard time i was at 1 event and the gm was dcing like mad and other issues that we wont discuss . and no ill try the python abyss again il make some changes see how it goes and let you know but if u dont have anything and i do mean noting on what so ever so less the 3 chrome and 1 taskmanager , just dekaorn and the 12 services then its not too bad it goes ok at 1920x1080 p 60 hz
  13. you still dc at last boss anti cheat sees google as cheatware unstable for a lot of reasons i would post a screen shot but at .04 of a meg i cant post the screen shot at 40.96 k well it pretty yucky so i post on flickr at this addy latency is well forget it its all over the place and all the same bugs still exists nothing is fixed and it worse than ever for being sensitive and u cant go on forum with game it also see the forum as cheat ware lolz u cant have antivirus no fire wall have no browsers open and any services that takes the priory of hdd even for a brief u dc any read write interruptions u dc any updaters u dc if they start taking the bandwidth any thing that dekaron sees if it not alone u dc if ur connection is shared u dc if ur on wifi good luck
  14. Siege problems

    heheh just go look here whats the first thing u see http://forum.core-games.net/forum/15-report-hackerscheatersscammers/ i don't do it on purpose and i don't choose it is what it is what the first thing u see in that forum set