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  1. which is the correct wings for old or new class

    seem so confirmed top is old class and new is below
  2. can't tell both say b no description
  3. abbaddon wings cannot be traded

    and just saw a post 10 mins ago and what the hell did i do traded to mage cause feather was there now wings made but cant trade back to seg lolz im so dumb lolz make sure you make the wings on that char or else you are screwed but aside how come made binding, all wings can be traded why bind these , did n't notice it was binding original post makes no mention and its not pointed out ,in the picture is only if you take notice and if that picture would have been accompanied with info in both rb and 9 this is not even in the reborn section, had the aspect and the details of this special feature been mentioned ,me and the person in the other general topic might have known to avoid that mistake is it possible for a gm to help in this matter , this is i hope a heads up for those out there
  4. closed quest affects the abyss

    suggested lasron in draco to unlock abyss but seems that too is also disabled and now no 1 can do that quest also some label bugs still exist as well as the dekaron..exe some times will stall for no reason and stop loading or never begin its load up as well as lot of people experiencing all kinda strange bugs ,as far as i see emphasis on fixing the things that are bugged instead of introducing new things should be the priority before advancing ,no
  5. Funny, but sad bug. :C

    i don't have those issues that's why, and no cant see any of your ss its not valid urls or what have u , probably is a handled dll that the anti cheat use and no , if your game was so running perfectly then you would not be affected it was a thing of the past that i fixed back then that way and the last time as well with a few more secret sauce tweaks
  6. Funny, but sad bug. :C

    ok u have to remove game install on hd thats alone ensure hd is in ntfs reinstall all then get the last patch patch it even though it has been already defragment that drive before starting game if u have a gazillion things running i suggest u start trimming all the excess services off and all the admin services that u don't use ensure they are not loading with win allong with ur 60 apps and 20 updaters finally remove ur antivirus and disable in admin services ur fire wall ensure ur routers fire wall is not on and finally avoid sharing ur connection good luck
  7. call it abuse call it what ya like ,in the end this is what will eventually ruin your enchantment with the game and make it boring with no other goals
  8. i know i took a feather for abbadon

    only reason is THAT THE FEATHER WAS RECYCLED /OR PURPOSE LABELED and was not correctly checked for lvl thus its expecting to see a moon wing but is labeled abandon and so it asks to confirm the lvl
  9. i know i took a feather for abbadon

    i know i have the wings and can't
  10. i know i took a feather for abaddon it says it but no wont work still bugged can't upgrade my wings but got an moon to inferno upgrade feather instead
  11. DRAGONI banned for disrespect

    i guess u obliged
  12. missing manual patch 6.8.8

    thx for 6.8.9 am now able to use the components to repair the game client but many problems exist on the host host needs repairs big time
  13. For my absence

    what can you say ,they have a life , but all things considered your obligation to 1 or the other is what its about , but don't make excuses for short comings and you don't have to explain your self just carry on if in the end there too much conflict then you know what to do but do it gracefully and with class IN THE WORDS OF THE IMMORTAL YODA there is no try there is do and do not , no in between no happy middle
  14. missing manual patch 6.8.8

    all patches must be posted to ensure a successful repair or patch if needed for those like me that have to fix it piece by piece cause of a custom os
  15. selecting trans up tab

    did my own repair all fixed now what a mess also missing 6.6.8 rar manual patch