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  1. i know i took a feather for abbadon

    only reason is THAT THE FEATHER WAS RECYCLED /OR PURPOSE LABELED and was not correctly checked for lvl thus its expecting to see a moon wing but is labeled abandon and so it asks to confirm the lvl
  2. i know i took a feather for abbadon

    i know i have the wings and can't
  3. i know i took a feather for abaddon it says it but no wont work still bugged can't upgrade my wings but got an moon to inferno upgrade feather instead
  4. DRAGONI banned for disrespect

    i guess u obliged
  5. missing manual patch 6.8.8

    thx for 6.8.9 am now able to use the components to repair the game client but many problems exist on the host host needs repairs big time
  6. For my absence

    what can you say ,they have a life , but all things considered your obligation to 1 or the other is what its about , but don't make excuses for short comings and you don't have to explain your self just carry on if in the end there too much conflict then you know what to do but do it gracefully and with class IN THE WORDS OF THE IMMORTAL YODA there is no try there is do and do not , no in between no happy middle
  7. missing manual patch 6.8.8

    all patches must be posted to ensure a successful repair or patch if needed for those like me that have to fix it piece by piece cause of a custom os
  8. selecting trans up tab

    did my own repair all fixed now what a mess also missing 6.6.8 rar manual patch
  9. selecting trans up tab

    if i select it it freezes game and then crashes it lolz

    WHEN I LOOK ON SIDE AND SERVER SAYS HOW MANY MONSTERS ARE KILLED i noticed that the count on the bosses is off phtach who is supposed to be boss no 10 actually show up as boss no 9 which means the dg is off by 1 boss and that could possibly be the reason the dg python abyss crashes after he dies cause he not in the right order he the final boss not number 9 so the dg bugs and crashes instead of giving 10 monsters it gives 9 and phtach is only supposed to be a last boss and ill re do it to be sure 1 more time
  11. Bug Or Not?

    turning off quest was not a good idea problem lies between the wings ( jewels slots cd ect )and the loot given out for returning players with timers the +12 sets now cant use half the features all has been turned off even dill to gold ,and coins too should be checked against the norm
  12. no a6 manual patch

    i rechecked 6.7 fine no prob links work 6.71 nope links are dead or timed out or mismatched still not working
  13. crashing server

    have some 1 on 24/7 to check the hackers as 1 possibility , another is all the crap that was done and that coin jazz mmm might be actually but if that was the case it would have crashed from day 1 badly and repeatedly .
  14. no coin exchange sinan winggo

    now what use less pointless
  15. no a6 manual patch

    no a6 manual patch