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  1. core staff be aware

    staff know ,core master on the inside track see's all no worries , and there will always be people that take advantage ,but be aware of your self and your conduct ,that's all you have to do ,as for players that do those type of things they always **** up so in the end they get bounced out anyways , in that respect its pretty much as it would be for any 1 with bad intentions the longer it takes the more condemning it is ,and you know they always get there's
  2. how is this gonna get fixed ?

    seems people lost things in last up date ,well to give you all the heads up ,forget it they won't be replaced or will there be any compensation ,last times nothing came of the loss and noting was returned . so don't badger the staff,cut your loss and put new gems that's all but make your report and be patient that's all you can do and well see what they do in the end for this 1, cause they have dealt another death blow to the community and i know a lot of you are up set but please be understanding that some times it can happen and in this situation integrity and candor is the better part of valor
  3. coin event bugs

    thats the problem if ur missing a letter u can't exchange a's i have its r i cant seem to get ever since last week df s all maps for hours and no r nothing and how do you know its working u haven't made 1 exchange its like the purchase points box all u get is green pills but i took the red 1 hell with it im going back to bed let the world blow itself up for all i care lolz
  4. my cookie is on fire XD

    take it out of the oven lolz
  5. coin event bugs

    it bugs on the r which never drops and also 3 R's in dekaRon3RdbiRthday so seems there's a special r placement
  6. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    nothing wrong do df without looting ,but defeats the purpose ,and the loot is for those that exp is not needed for at 250 now people running df for gpoints and worse it 4 pt system means that fastest team sweeps all , and monopolizers race through leave no gpoints just loot as for the rest , all get they get is noting so bagging the bosses is last chance at something .Thank you for killing 2 birds with 1 stone df and dk square and another slap in the face with a poor attempt to bring back people that wanna come back but just keep getting disappointed
  7. download patch is incorrect

    listing is 651 but its patch 650 651 is not posted on the down load sites
  8. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    o and i forgot the biggest thing ever this move has officially killed dk square NOW I SEE NO 1 THERE JUST EVERY BODY RUNNING FOR POINTS NOT EVEN LOOTING DKS AND FEATHERS which i like a lot lolz cause i cant give 2 shits about rank even if at a certain point u get more strength
  9. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    any hoo all things said and done let see you try to purchase a wep or gear or op ring on grade points or even that i noticed purchase points lolz will there be a dk square shop for it
  10. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    well come down df now u will notice the usual suspects and monopolizers they don't even loot, just going for points and completely own pvp See problem is you forgot that some will look for advantages , ever try dk square with 6 accnts and pvp your self ,imagine server allows this as well df needs only 3 u make knight all kinds in no time. If u run 6 dfs a day where was the battle challenge to earn it thats what im talking about not whether the patch is fair its how you are getting your points many patches to come so make no diff and no diff the char you use eventually itll max and youll be out of df it will have lost it flavor after a while and much more in thought
  11. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    Nice Patch dev but there's a Question Do Gpoints belong in df the Argument is here should a rank and title given as exp on a non pvp instance where the final battle is already ranked and points awarded ,and that is it fair to have a player who works hard in dk square to earn rank while some one in 2-3 months can be a knight and never set foot in dk square , and exp for what..... we have hit the cap so we go no higher Should df hell have any type of exp or gpoint what so ever when both are actually in effect useless. And that as always the main drive is forgotten, and how to keep it enticing and lucrative, to attract players is always as usual MORE DKS MORE FEATHERS NICER RINGS ON BOSSES IF YOU WANT BUT THAT'S IT keep it simple effective and attractive
  12. some times you enter df or ardeca or colo if you stand still you are ook , but moment you move you get teleported to an area of the map that is off limits or out of bounds also python abyss crashes still at last boss and lots of things like buttons that are mislabeled
  13. now coppers take place of dks and feathers get rid of the argates more feathers more dks its only logical first boss drops lots of dks feathers and ok dn rings no gear last boss drops good dn rings nothing else no gear treasures should have helion gear juto weps ( no abbadon or dragon no gear under the top lvls) to reflect the lvl that it pertains too . dn rings and 14% or better gems 15% or pyramid 7-8% % will be found in final treasure room armories dn rings and yes you see it right away there's less dks with the argates and that 's not needed there we have ice castle so increase the dks and feathers and good rings, people will flock to df hell
  14. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    df timer bugged
  15. a crying shame

    ill be more precise screen the candidates form a team of 6 ,the 6 people will be beta testers at the end of the session they get there pay and it s 1 time issue only not a repeated pay out total pay out is 60k dk 60k d shop 10 k of each for each team member ,end and it over rules are simple 1 hr a day for a min of 7 hrs a week tester must login each day no cumulative time it does not count for daily logins , produce a report of a min of 10 things found yes the game had bugs crashing and the like but at least they could login and play some what , now there still a cross section of players that cant even load the game let alone login sure there was bug but not to this extent , say what you want no excuses, time is not an option when the context in which its presented is not conducive to a working game or that the effects are such a determent that it shuts down the server side host its better done as a package deal for every fix on 1 side could disrupt other things i have not forgotten the beta on how they did it its 22 yrs old from date of deployment from Korea Sam personally was disappointed with the turn out for the test at the time this is why he did this with no other recourse taken or suggestion given from higher had he made a closed section on server with the 6 ppl needed to run and test and report he would be ahead of the game and server has unlimited resources to generate it so im skeptical to believe that and also 1 other thing from what i see the load on staff is way out of control and that staff have to go to the extent of having to (remote login to fix there game and pc in process "don't know if this is still done") along with repeatedly telling people to add files to there antivirus or defender or to turn it off For those that have these apps on there pc and run into this problem ,sorry to say, thankfully the staff is nice here try a public server see what happens . Its up to YOU the people to learn about your pc how it works how the apps work and what the relation is between them and that the old proverb of less is more can't be a better example than this nice to have staff to help you , now to all out there how bout helping your selves to help core staff by learning more of your things and being more self sufficient to reduce the unnecessary load on the staff that you ultimately created when you installed that antivirus ,or did not learn on how to turn off defender and take the responsibility to do research to improve your learning curve and not burden staff with mundane problems but tackle real issues