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  1. new client same graphic bugs

    yep deleted old game folder and formated that drive to be sure no remnants , card spec radeon hd7770 2gib gddr5 1050hmz buss 1920x1080 16 all the extra graphics things are off bloom shadows clouds ect you notice when im facing town its ok moment im 35deg off center or facing towards ice ull see it s only visible in s small vantage point angle and only ardeca has this and shrine is well weird lolz been like that last 3 patches you have to go to the map and see like monsters have praying mantis arms lolz
  2. new client same graphic bugs

    no change, all the same issues + new 1s

    I wont ask what happened but seems we lost some guilds

    question is exactly as mentioned the game is sick and seems to have no cure how will this be remedied, what will you do or not do that is the question , will you take a more aggressive and invasive approach or will it be the usual skirt on the subject and left for dead , and why are they not taking full advantage of your presence and maybe your insight and what ever knowledge and experience to help contribute to the fixing of the bugs or at least to say you participate on a level other than just policing but actual handy work im sure you are more capable than we are left to believe maybe a hidden talent even

    hmm shutting down df in hopes they will go dk square is a fail idea ,nope not happening i tried couple times no 1 wants to go , shame till this mess gets fixed gonna be a lot of unhappy campers this is what will tune it up gp /pp in dk square only and make it 2x the amount normally and 6 on 3x exp no mavrics mavrics all monsters all maps as intended df no gp/pp increase dks feathers reduce dill and dn rings on both bosses and 250 gear to reflect the lvl not 240 gear exchange boards out champ statues out of ardeca , set that crap in agency there plenty of npc for that karons ship needs repair and better incentives to do fix python abyss why should we do 3 runs to get a head in exchange for 1 abyss run per head seems pointless to do a runs ,cause u do abyss run also for other gems and jewels fix abyss last drop on that boss the bug is the head drop needs a fix fiery heart if u put shit buffs candies ,again no incentive to do it put a d shop wing and other good things it wont kill and people will go to crespo abyss and no gp /pp there ive seen this before in other games and this shows 2 things 1 is the turning over of the players 2 the competence of the dev to properly fix things as opposed to adding more cluster **** and useless game addons and options that don't appeal to the masses, and create more bugs and issues than intended and make the dev work 2-3 xs more, fix all first ensure all is working in a systematic and orderly fashion then add 1 thing at a time then debug instead of trying to debug and fix a bunch of things that u back track on chasing conflicts that u never fix and no more than 3 chars per ip on at a time this will stop the illicit wrangling of resources for real money and power exploits aka the fishers (and only 1 reason why you need a 100 kdk in stash (not stupid ,and yea ive come across it on a couple of the shop owners and they know who they are ,not to mention patrons of these said shops , put it this way they did not have to say it exactly it was implied with a certain understanding with out accusations or innuendo aside again we don't need to complain about this and this is not a complaint this is a simple how to ensure the satisfaction of the players reducing down time and keeping dev work load and focus on a single track that does not overwhelm him or pressure him into either making mistakes or doing 2 or 3x the work intended or needed to achieve the desired result as to whether this logic is understood that's a cow of a different color cause from what i see its not going well and there is a lot of graphic bugs now as well as the rest o the issues good luck and hope you endeavor to do the right thing cause the good thing is not always the right thing and the right thing may not always be the good thing thank you for your attention and interest
  6. SO what say you core staff, you have the power to make it happen, will you or will you not that is the question ?? we are anxiously waiting

    nothing is working its all fucked up forget mavrics only dk sq and u have to go loot it , the staff is ensuring a drive away of all players and making absolutely sure that nothing works , and this is not assumption or speculation this is a fact it s in our face when we login it , and we see how it performs cause if they were doing it right it would not be like this i assure you html5

    As i see it at this rate we might as well take a holiday, even more people having problems ,nothing is working no df , dk sq is only for looters and if you think people are gonna do expeditions that don't work also or daily weekly or monthly quests good luck, and never mind the rest of the bugs , seems this game only supports exploiters and income generators , no spirit here ,what the hell is going on , gonna kill this game if that s what they want and no python abyss last boss still the same , to date nothing has been fixed properly and now with the introduction of this latest patch even less is working now and they still introduce useless things that have no interest for the players, its like the staff is doing it on purpose to clear the people off the game and have it shut down which is just a shame no excuse for this crap, from the looks by the end if they don't buck up and come correct that s whats gonna happen and this will only be a game for monetary purposes that benefit fishers shop wranglers shop scammers and traders and money traders for real money ,nice going core
  9. latest patch is same

    still no df still nobody doing dk square only looters (no rule enforced) karons ship can't do that either gonna check python abyss and no the last boss crashes 61317 fixes nothing
  10. nothing working properly

    no dk sq no df no tatums ill be back
  11. dk sq karons ship

    ok so a rank or s rank no matter still has a still joining bug
  12. dk sq karons ship

    karons ship says our lvl is too high and dk sq reports a version mismatch
  13. Argate System - Too Hard / Impossibile

    ok to set u straight whether u have time or not to play is of no consequence it like those that exploit with fishing and yea i came across something most disturbing recently ,but that ill save for another day , and excuse for time or not is of no difference and irrelevant i work 6 days a week and note any thing bought in dshop wep has 0% on it fortifying is a particular thing that relates to the item drop and it % of success vs the throw of the fortifier ,example lets say you get a wep and the wep drops with 5% success on it the fortifier will turn out a success rate based on lvl so as the lvl increases the rate drops so even with a tali at 30% +5% and at +12 1% that makes a 1;36 chance of success provided by the fortifier in the spin cause the fortifier acts like a slot machine and will spin based on the odds of the rate given for that lvl so at +1 50/50 at +13 .01 on a 100 what does that mean that on 1000 times u spin u have a chance of a success ,now as u add the tali and the items rate ull move up to .36 % OF SUCCESS that's why all those relog and weird techniques is just coincidence when u succeed and yea it took you 30 ive been at it for years and done a 100s and to date made only 3 item +13 and 1 +12 and that's in 15 yrs so be happy with the success u got and main public is worse +1 = 50% public 35 +2 = 45% 30 +3 = 40% (bellow sucks) 25 +4 = 40% 10 +5 = 40% 5 +6 = 35% 3 +7 = 30% 2 +8 = 30% 1 +9 = 20% .5 +10 = 5% .2 +11 = 1% .1 +12 = 1% .05 +13 = 0.01% .001
  14. dc problem

    wont be replaced thats fo sure ,many a bug we are just gonna have to live with and resign ourselves