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  3. hopin fo a few little fix

    dst is now back for summer on or off what the hell ever i think its stupid, and hopefully an update would be nice to fix abyss at least that way we can get the heads in stead of running the crevice (A) dg run like 3:1 as opposed the abyss
  4. was an up date

    client not being up dated and no patch how swell and can't login .today was fine till this afternoon reinstalled and to no avail

    all nice but they did''nt and they did so knowingly and fresh economy seems you have a lot to learn i did look it terrible and its a crock you go enjoy the silence

    O QUINCY BTW YOU CAN BE BETTER THAN THEM up to you don't look on the failed laurels or wealth obtained in a shameful or dishonest manner look what you are gonna do to be better than that, make your own path find you own fame and fortune you are so busy looking on their plate, you don't even see that your plate in front of you is empty and you have done nothing to change that that's what they did for years ,what did or will you do for years , cause I know what I did for years

    not about just having dks you can have all you want but still be an average player or not manage to be a champ ,and for what it worth these excessive amounts eventually get used up passed around or in some cases the exploit was so large or the infraction warranted an account ban and confiscation and core master takes the coins to use to distribute to the gms for use in event distribution which eventually goes to the players and the economy is what it is at the time of activity and depending on rarity and also given an inherent luck/chance to value of an item depending on relevance at time of implementation /level ,so far its helion ,legion, class type gear sets and its value will be held by the buyers and sellers alike , and yea how do they expect to attract for when they detract from it .........like offering a nice fast car with rubber seats and no windows ,sure you can drive the car but not really a nice experience no dk on a3 it seems the whole idea is dumb , its like bring out new coca cola only for people that want the old cola and so they give you new old cola lolz HOLY FUCKEN MOOSE LOLZ they have removed the coins from fountain ,and at 1 point the fountains had rings , imagine sure all exploited the hell out of it i don't see these players on any more

    Honestly who is gonna play on a server that's been cut back , missing a class ,and butchered to no end . Not to mention for those that like the dk and spent time effort and even donations to build up their chars ,and you see this is another aspect why people are not thrilled about the a3. there is a a certain amount of people who donated heavily enough to constitute an investment in their chars , and what staff is forgetting is those that donated are not ready to lose their investment so quickly . Secondly with also a large time investment as well as commitment on that persons part who worked it well and hard is not just gonna give it up so easily or quickly Really does it make sense all the others are looking forward , but here they wanna go backward and even removed the dk after all the acclimations and excitement and enjoyment and work staff took to implement it And I don't need to mention how stupid this looks not to say that's it's even ridiculous . all the others failed / .a9 genesis and a what ever a what not and will not makes no difference and trust me people will always come back to the main game a6 ;to core master and staff , stop making all those weird games fix this 1 bring it back with even more goodies more of everything and return the bounty fix abyss and all the little bugs that remain and make this work and be what it supposed to be ,that's the best .close that a3 shit up and make another chan a6 and really make it bring home the bacon and get back to no.1 keep fucking around guaranteed we will all lose in the end when hunting 2 rabbits you are sure to get nothing in the end

    I've been hearing of the possibility of the a6 server being abandoned for just the a9. I hope this will not be ,but for what it's worth a simple reminder and a word to the wise. This server was founded on a3/a6 reborn a9 was never really popular and so it never stuck (cause people want instant strength and not have to quest for it or farm it ) just lvl and you're done. And the more pvp orientation style is what people stayed for not the original cause if they wanted korean or global dekaron its very easy to go there or any number of servers . considering if they do decide to shut it down this will surely affect the a9 in it s chance to compete in trying to survive and ultimately require the owner to change completely . knowing this for a lot of us we will have lost something special and and may never see the likes of it again ,not to mention the years passed as it became a best friend and a companion . surely we know it will end but hopefully on a glorious note and with plenty of years to say in advance of that inevitability. if it were possible to integrate the database from this to the a9 then yes all players will login there , a more technical aspect , and not lose out to simple change that's supposed to help better and not worsen the experience surely all will be lost in the end
  10. what more can be said ,nothing : i did a little checking and the problems and the python abyss and the settings and bugs are deliberately set by dev .which means they are gonna remove all that can be exploited as they go along ,and if that's any example a3 wont be any better, and i will never go on that server , they can keep it , so now if you wonder why no voting no dks in the ponds ect ect all set to random from plain and all the rest . they wanna see more donations , that wont happen 1 simple reason , you never make it so that you deny or refuse to service the people (no gm intervention on matters that need resolving or lack of staff ,being left to your own device ) and worst off events that have no merit or value ,you attract more bees with sugar than vinegar , and yes there is a big difference between chocolate and shit
  11. things that matter

    ok i understand it takes work but seeing how its being managed now is , ridiculous it being poorly maintained and the caliber of the quality just does not exist and the crashing channels and server complete what's wrong is it that hard or difficult to maintain and keep running smoothly on last check thes issues still exist and many new 1 s have cropped up python abyss still crashes last boss df timer all messed up graphics glitches and all kind of things gone bad also asking ppl to change password weekly is pointless if they share their accounts or divulge part of it in conversations or are in corrupt shops nothing to do and don't even go there to question my gear i7 4700k 4.3 4core 8process 16gig ram @ 1600 mhz and radeon rx570 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1239070336493658&set=pcb.1239070353160323 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1239078939826131&set=pcb.1239070353160323 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1239078946492797&set=pcb.1239070353160323 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1239112746489417&set=pcb.1239070353160323
  12. about speed auras

    the blue with your big numbers is your normal hit the red and yellow and violet values that you see is the crit and the amount of time you see it is the rate obviously you don't understand that's why you question why you still see the blue still high cause that's set by you rings wep gloves as the base ,anything more or less in performance from auras will either add to or remove damage shield crit rate ect , it won't change the strength just the amount of times it hits during the dwell per hit in the attack

    no amount of bug testers will be better than a dedicated team , Microsoft is doing just that with telemetry in the win 10 os . But its having a disastrous effect never mind bugs but actual functionality is crap ,and this not repairing the python abyss ,the ch 2 down constantly , dk square shaky at best ,and the complete strip down of all the little creature perks will make a more volatile ans hostile market and if you think it will stop scammers abusers and money sellers and launderers as well as shop pilots and shop wrangling , sadly mistaken if anything it will make it worse and the scramble for all will just create more abuse and more hungry and desperate acts as well as drive the greed quotient through the roof , for what its worth by donating as opposed to voting may be affected , time will tell i'm patient lets sit back and see and what wrong with this picture and there is tons of bugs to no end i come across that really don't need a bug tester that are clearly seen , fix what broken that we know is not working then progress , but no backward thinking for backwards minds (how long the ducks hold their breath is anybodies guess) up till now not looking too good
  14. DKSQ Montage (Come and Play!)

    when its working
  15. see this costume was sold in agency when server first started now i had to rebuy it no thanks to staff ,when u removed the talismans from agency all items that were purchased from agency also went so my costume was also an agency item trans 2 had that costume 11 yrs