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  1. Miss u all <3

    Ill wait for u nigga :*
  2. Seguriper CVC event

    U really are a big shithead. I dont play segu and u want segu vs segu bet? Just say you are scared to bet with mains and ill stop making fun of you . Such a low player...
  3. Seguriper CVC event

    Head u are dumb cuz u dont realise that it was your mistake of not noticing. How come everyone else noticed that during the first dc and not you ? Because you were too sure in yourself and thats why u lost without even having the chance to fight . Cuz you didnt use ur brain. If i am a weakling why dont we do some bets ? And you are saying that kyth is my friend lmao i saw that segu for the first time at championship and he just made a fool of you. Be careful on next champs and go to sleep nabbie
  4. Seguriper CVC event

    Lol that noob segu has one ss against benjie on class buff and thinks he is a champion XD Dude you are showing how retarded you are with every comment you do.... Stop embarrassing yourself and get over it. Learn your lesson and try next year weakling
  5. Seguriper CVC event

    Well its kinda your fault for having too much buffs.. He used combos to debuff you its not his fault either that it makes you dc its staff’s problem . And how come benjie didnt dc ? Not trying to def or anything but that guy just found a way to outsmart ya and thats it. Championship doesnt always make the best players champions. Sometimes its the one that has best tactics.. Anyway gl on your topic
  6. Class Championship 2019 Event

    Funny they DQ for account sharing before champs lmaooo
  7. CaptainTwinBlade claims and bullshit

    Yeah dont mind him he said that thing to me too without knowing its me XD The fact that he says ashe can hack something is funny itself XD
  8. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    We want the fat nigga puteri back XD
  9. CaptainOpBlade

    Wow master Janan knows all chars ! So strong... :/
  10. Class Championship 2019

    I dont think ser janan will want that gay tag queen .. better name it azis @Janan
  11. Class Championship 2019

    No one knows until it happens XD
  12. Class Championship 2019

    Uuuu XD
  13. Base Event Schedule

  14. Base Event Schedule

    You cant wait to be a runner up on them ? XD
  15. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    I suggest having both options for ranking - farming and dk sq . This way we can satisfy both farmers and pkers needs but it has to be equal somehow . Like 20 mins of farming should be like 1 dk sq or something like that.