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  1. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    I suggest having both options for ranking - farming and dk sq . This way we can satisfy both farmers and pkers needs but it has to be equal somehow . Like 20 mins of farming should be like 1 dk sq or something like that.
  2. I am just curious!!!

    Too many questions and no answers XD
  3. oOCutieMarieOo / o0CutieMarie0o real money

    The joker is back XD and btw staff already said fb isnt a valid proor cuz its too easy to edit
  4. Things

    Im fine with lower dmg i could still manage things , just nerf vs dmg cuz its doing 25k+ on every class and we do 7-9k to it i doubt its fair xd

    I agree. On A3 i was wondering how to use my skills on a way which the enemy wont be able to counter , but that doesnt matter anymore . Everyone just spams those skills and its impossible to do anything except spam them too cuz lets say the common shield is 850k-1m and everyone is doing 20-40k dmg its gone in 4 skills XD We are losing players rapidly and i really dont know what will happen with this server . Giving more shield even if it was 300k wont help . Still all ppl do is spam the 50m skills and meisters..... cd of meisters should be 40 sec and on new skills 30 as it was . When the dmg is reduced as it was it will be good. The normal dmg was around 13-17k on balance build and 20k was insane for us. Required very low con build and good sets and now all we see is 25-40 haha
  6. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Vs cs have more stats on class than other on full buffs XD Ak and alo are trash as hell . @{Champion}YANO Ak does 6k dmg to phy classes and alo 4 nice... All the chars out there are mage vs cs hunter . Tho there are only 5-6ppl playing pvp cuz some classes have no chance xd
  7. Christmas RING

    Just wait for xmas like every player here . You’re not special
  8. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Will comment here cuz i cant post on the update topic. I think 20-30% talks would make it too easy to make set , when in fact our market prices are already too low and no one will buy or sell anything cuz it wont be worth
  9. Op Dmg ? O.o

    Sorry sir i dont pvp toxic ppl with 2x 14 days ban in a row ;3
  10. Op Dmg ? O.o

    Seems weak sir
  11. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Vs cs familliar spirit skill still does 70k+ dmg on every hit even tho it should be magic atk based. Taking 200k+ in a shit skill isnt cool. Most mage new skills do 25k dmg on full resistance . Even if it is based on the converting of magic dmg to phy type like Shudder Space and Wizz dragon first hits , it should have different dmg on different defense. It has fixed dmg . Same 24k dmg to 8k def segnale and to a 25k def ak.
  12. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Ye it is bro. Its like that on a9 servers too. Ak counter hit should do that too
  13. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Its intended to be like that. Conciant on hunter makes you lose screen focus on a6/a9
  14. Some costume work

    I think its even suitable for champ costume , since it is almost the same but a bit upgraded
  15. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Vs ca chakras give too much stats , dmg on phy classes is very high. Vs cs do 25k+ on geared people and take under 10 on full str build. Pvps are around 30 seconds cuz shield to dmg ratio isnt right. Ak charge shock doesnt charge as on a6 and a9 servers and the stun is low. Ak shield shove doesnt stun and counter hit seems low duration. Guidance buff on ak says it gives def and cd but gives cd only. Sometimes when you use portal scroll you get teleported back to where you used it. Defence is different on different characters. Example a seg with 15k def would take 16k dmg while a bagi with 15k would take 18+ from same guy.