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  1. Laggin so hard

    The game isnt very well optimised since its very old. I would recommend installing it on your SSD if you have one. The game is small so i doubt it’d be an issue.It runs really smooth there even if you got 300$ pc.

    No worries nothing will be done , after all who cares for this server ? Not staff for sure. 11 characters scammed,some of them never shared passwords and nothing. Imagine logging in your acc when you didnt share your password and find it naked. Lets see if u gonna sing the same song
  3. Immortal Pendant

    If you havent played it dont talk bcoz Janan was solo on pendant hitting non stop for 7 mins and he took 2%... Best hit it with all skills 2x times and nothing .. If you think thats winnable then u really never deserved to be in staff XD
  4. More Events!

    Nop swan its a PVE server what do you expect.. No pvp events bcoz light doesnt like hosting them , staffs dont assist on bets anymore bcoz god knows why so yeah lets farm to make sets and then do nothing with them XD
  5. The need to balance magic and physical classes

    i win them without a problem so ill say the same learn to counter classes. Bagi i win it easy with hunter/mage/bw/ak/cs/vs/alo if you ask with what class. Mage is easy to defeat too with most of the classes. Now u are just writing all this because you couldnt scratch my mage in ice and you feel trash :/
  6. The need to balance magic and physical classes

    This topic is useless cuz it points out the strong sides of magic chars on full buffs which is bias. Where do you fight on full buffs that much ? There are rarely any pks on this dead server also most people do their bets on class nowdays. Why you dont talk about vs and cs monstrous dmg and def + pk/pvp dmg resistance from pets which make them take so much less dmg.. Cs and vs do 20k+ easily and take under 10.Ak is the same . Bagi does 30k dmg. Hunter has insane number of hits. Every char has strong and weak sides. Bw takes 22k+ dmg from all physical characters and mage takes 16-17 . Segnale and segu have paper def under 10k so as it seems you just cant accept you don't know how to fight those characters and want dev to do something about the fact u suck. Learn to play and u won't complain that much <3
  7. PvP Events

    Pvp event under average edition
  8. gm light side you better start banning 75% of the players

    If u think only a good set will make you a champion then u are playing in the wrong server. A9 and above versions are exactly for people with your thinking . Set over skill would work there

    Ok you should really stop using google translate cuz no one can get your point... And yes ser papp we are all cheaters :/

    Yes u cheat

    yes ser logic may be like this buy expensive pc(invest money) > make fishermans > be rich ( getting dks) so its like u buy dks with real money ser cuz u do no effort to farm :/ lmao

    Oh nooo he feels harassed and personally attacked pls help him The sad reality of what core became...Reporting players you can’t defeat...
  13. PvP BET 4k Dks

    My record on bets is clean ser unlike yours :X
  14. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Lol ignore that weakass
  15. What a **** style losing pk vs a single guy and then jailing him for nothing. Heil Core Games !