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  1. Fish

    in fishing.. some classes has much more advanrage to win than the others...
  2. Fish

    Keep this server as shit is now then, we cant explain it better to you, I really cant get it -.- Did you read pedos comment? Did you read megacreepers comment? did you read my point of it?! You dont even fkin listening to us. Ofc as it was on pvp event and everywhere Psylockes fl popped up, Full of GHETTO.s Ofc they made the grand pvps to make their friends to win.. Everything is clear, and when we say it out, then we are the noobs right? And yeah, If u want a proof, Take some1 to pvp nivada (pedo talked about him , they ganged him on 3v1, and couldnt kill him) How to kill a fisher like that in 1v1 because he isnt the only fisher like that .. Most of TheCircle, GHETTO is a crap fisher wich couldnt even have a chance to win without fish.. Ofc they are pinoys as the most of the staff members... About this Mari, immunexx wasnt agree this, Samu did, As in older topics immunexx said he has connection with the owner (they are both bulgarians and he might know him in real life, NOW I KNOW THE REASON WHY THEY DONT EVEN WANT TO LISTEN TO US This is geting really tiring -.- Bg and pinoy opinions worth more?! it seems to be like that... now who is the racist?.. fk this shit.
  3. What is the +damage of the MAX rhombus?

    Dont use them, they are useless Use 10/11% elemental gems, or 10% cd gem (if u can afford) gl hf ^^
  4. Azure Knight Skills n' weps

    use shield and 1handed AXE Check the stats on 1handed axes, Make it to the weap requirement, And other stats, you can balance them between hp and str, (more hp -> more defense shield and max hp | more str => more damage) Skills need under ,,protection" make shield and sword mastery to lv10 And increase skills you like, and u find strong Thats all about ^^ gl hf
  5. Fish

    As i said, DEV probably did not make it by my opinion, he prolly wont make a decision only because of one persons opinion, right? He found my reasons right, Thought over the system, and he made a decision... Probably thats happened, And once he wrote down what will he do, because of some opinions, he wont change his mind... Samu has a brain, and he can make a decision without feelings...since he is not a fisher or an antifisher.. he doesnt even have time to play THATS MY OPINION Im out.
  6. Fish

    you like lies right? server isnt up for 4 years yet. .. I was here when there was 2 maxed.... -.-' I dont think so i asked for you opinion, as i said DEV made the decision , i just suggested, and DEV doesnt make decision about everythings requested .. stfu and leave the topic , thanks, Since they dont want to close it , I will leave it , I wont read it anymore, I wont reply to it anymore -.- thanks , bb
  7. Fish

    why do u take out one sentece from his comment? Did you read the other sentences too? Now you all feel clever, when those ppl come here, who can win with fish only.. and cry a river to not change things , can u tell me why samurai got it and you all cant? Samurai changing it NOT only for me, Or do u think so? Its like, some1 suggest something and samurai will do it -.- Its not only for me , But you cant fu*king understand the point of the game, a MOD trying to say things , when he has no account in game , This game has a shield system, The better pvper is who can use his caracter well, has better gear, and ha a good build... Strong caracter WITH a skillful person , thats the better pvper , not the one wich is More heal build, and SPAMM fishes better , Look, if i wont fish, there is a full hp mage, with lv 1 +0 weap -.- it will dmg me 3k only right, but in 20 mins , i wont be able to kill him , and i will die , is it the way of pvping? seriously -.- Can you use your brain? P.S. if i wouldnt change fish cd, i would say also that, It might mess up farming .. ofc it wont rofl -.-' If you cant heal out a boss with 30k recover each fish, ur a noob... i cant say anythings else -.-'''
  8. Fish

    lol... THere are many fishers with no weak point?? Unkillable MEANS UNKILLABE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Fish

    Thats what im talking about... And no, they arent my accounts check the ip if u dont belive , or do anythings ^^
  10. Fish

    I wouldnt play here, if i wasnt playing it for more than 2 years right now, there was no fishers before, and it wasnt like nowadays If I could transfer my things to another server, i would leave this server as it is now.. but its not possible.. thats why i am trying to correct mistakes here... and if fish problem will be solved, u wont really see me on forums... Im trying to do it for 3 months right now -.-'
  11. Fish

    Ok lets do it then -.-
  12. Fish

    And anyways Peoples opinion wont help , cant you see? I could make 3 accs, i could ask players to make 3 also... we could make 1500 comment to agree this.. And It was Samurais choice, I just suggested it, And openes his eyes with a good example, whats the problem here?huh If I was bad, samu wouldnt do it. -.- And i cant understand why fallin cant close the topic, I have seen many times hes reading it ? Uhm i request to close 3. right now .... Could u do it this time ?!?! Or if u keep it opened i have to call my friends as immunex and zzzz are. -.- We can make an argument then... but it will be endless as it was 2months ago (before rollback) We are saying meanful reasons, they dont even read our comments and reply some meanless s*it... about the same all the time lol
  13. Fish

    You are stupid as hell.
  14. Fish

    Immunexx, wtf ur talking about? fish wont be messed up, It will be like how it was meant to be lol. Did i say delete fishes? no, You will have to use malakites for stronger bosses instead of lami, wich is USELESS in global. not like here fishes are op, this will be just a fix lols And anyways I would like to see creators reaction on this kind of fishes -.- And, Immunexx and all the others who feel that clever, Wich fuc*ing word did you not understand from that ,, I dont want players opinion " ? I cant really get it -.- And its funny how do u all cry now, when fishes will be Balanced!! They wont be deleted, Dont tell me that, u cant heal any boss here with malakites with a bit longer cd? And well, Dont go alone for the strongest bosses in game if ur not strong enough ?! -.- Is it mess up the game if 0rb cant fish the strongest bosses?...Get a brain instead of crying to not touch fishes ...
  15. Fish

    Ofc all fisher d*mb will come here and cry, Guys those who are crying here , U cant play/win without a cheating tactiic? Those who are talking about global, come here , we do a pvp and we will see how it works , try to fish lol! Ofc u will miss your fishes, Im sure top players will be changed, since many of the top players couldnt win without fish... Now you all will have to learn how to play fair and, Now really gear, build, and your skills will matter Anyways guys, u cant say any good reasons why to not fk up fishes, only that you wont be able to heal out an insane dmg with ur fishes... Have a nice day Request to close again... you leaved it opened for a big argument (Its my topic, close it please, I already got the answer from the DEV)