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  1. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    sold out 20k.
  2. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    sold out bro 20k,go fck ur self
  3. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    just only a post if u want to meet me in the ingame and make and offer good why not maybe i can accept,but for the bully people you may go your way to hell hahaha
  4. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    this is only a post,when you made and offer then why not,if your offer is good maybe i can accept.pass for the people who are bully in ingame and here.
  5. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    then make your own w/18% talis use wtf
  6. WTS+13 DK Helion armor

    WTS+13 DK Helion Armor 1 line def.+34 def +1% curse resistance fs clean=25k dks pm me in ingame.name 10xkarma
  7. WTB +13 Gold Juto whip

    sell parts bro,juto gaunlet HM?
  8. Bagi / Segu / Seg

    HM bro juto gaunlet +13?pm
  9. WTS/T > DK OP WEP +13

    i offer set segnale and weap pm in game
  10. WTS/T > DK OP WEP +13

    how much in pure dks?
  11. Wts>+13 d.whip w/11cd gem=18k dk pm me in game