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  1. About Espartan Account

    Sir, Quaz Delete conversation 2 members active in this conversation (including you) Head-GM-Quaz Not read yet Filipef Read: Just now Conversation Filipef 0 Core-Members Started conversation: 1 hour ago · Report sir, im Espartan I lost acess of my forum account please talk to me around here.. add samurai on conversation... It was not me who did itIt was not me who did it I only care about my character, it took me years to get complete I would not risk it all just to receive / earn other items .. I am a player who does not make transactions at stake I never see or buy anything (rare) If I were a player that uses the items to do business and receive money in real life MAYBE this might even make sense but I never, never make a transaction with my character. I'm very upset that you put my name that way for all players to see as if I'm a stupid thief wanting to benefit using the CORE STAFF. I'm not stupid or naive enough to create an account with the same account information as Espartan account If I really wanted to take advantage of CORE STAFF, I would never create an account like that I would never put my name at risk, I play dekaron for 9 years My name is known on all private servers for years due to my skills in PVPS I have a name and a great responsibility to worry about. I would never risk it all. Core is my favorite server and as you've seen in my information I've been trying to BE full here since 2012, finally when everything works out for me, finally when I'm full items, I become champion and everything happens according to what I've wanted since Years ago why would I risk it all? Please give me a little more attention, let's check a little more and I'm sure you will see with your own eyes I'm telling the truth, I'm not just more one kid boy playing a simple game, I'm a man Who loves this game and I'm very honest I never needed to steal or take advantage of anyone on any server To be honest I must say that I do not trust all of your team but there are two people on this team that I believe and trust, they are: YOU and SAMURAI For this reason I am talking to you and I beg you kindly to put SAMURAI in this conversation too Quote Edit Filipef 0 Core-Members Replied: just now · Report check IP please
  2. About Espartan Account

    I can not blame myself for a mistake I did not make for this reason, I kindly ask him to keep checking this case to find out what actually happened. This is not the truth I am not a thief and he is smearing my name as it is staining all my legacy and my story that I have built over the years in all dekarons
  3. About Espartan Account

    IM ESPARTAN and HGM Really made a mistake, I did not do that.
  4. {Champion}KENKOX vs Espartan

    I already killed u 2 times Cassie, for me kill you again is simple and easy, come on pm me ingame. Im waiting you
  5. {Champion}KENKOX vs Espartan

    you.. iEra come pvp versus me I bet 5k dk.. call GM for see we pvp if you kill me i give to you 5k dk and I delete my bagi pm me ingame, weak.
  6. {Champion}KENKOX vs Espartan

    yes, the noob that kill you.. btw, why GM ban me? Is it forbidden for me to speak that I kill the weaks? HAHAHAAHAH explOwd my frag, practice more you need more 3 years for kill me, noob. bye