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  1. From A3 Event request

    I am suggesting a LAST MAN STANDING event. ( This is fun, Good for everyone even lowbies and non rb's can join. ) Its simple: players who join will be teleported in specific map that has a small area like "Prison Arena" "Underworld" Yes Small area only. After its settled and started GM's starts to set up traps like ( i dont know what they are called but ill name it) "Spikes" "Huge Stones" "the blue circling thing that force to to move away" ect. Or even boss that can 1hit 1kill a player. just like the underworld mobs at A3 placed at ardeca spawn point. I haven't seen this in A3. its fun cause every one can join. I have noticed that there is only few event that all players can join (what i mean is we have to let newbies join too) Guess the song ( GOOD ) Hide and seek ( GOOD ) The rest of the event aren't worth attempting to participate if you are NEW/NOOB/NEwbie/Newplayer. Please move to Core Games Event Thread.
  2. State of Core DK

    I feel you bro. I also like your complain. But A3 is A3 = PPL love playing OLD version than new Version. ( if you play A9 you will be intittled nolife. a lot of stuffs to do there. ppl in A3 understands that ) As you see, There are still lots of ppl play in A3.. (Also Requesting for 3Skill bar and Skill bugs) This is the main thing in A3 ppl want to upgrade. I know its possible to have this in A3. But its a pain in the ass moving forward to this kind of upgrade. And i think it wont happen. And Also Merging the A3 and A9 players? Do you know what will happen to the character both servers? It'll be a rollback.
  3. B> Bow +13 16k - 20k BUDget

    #Close Thread.
  4. Bagi Legion [A] +13 DN

  5. B> Bow +13 16k - 20k BUDget

  6. Bagi Legion [A] +13 DN

  7. WTS> Bagi Legion [A] +13 DN Just drop your offer. Thanks..
  8. Success rate bullshit

    Don't say such b*******T here! Are you a special kid? One request then def/mod will do it?
  9. Success rate bullshit

    Stop complaining noob. i just made 1 +12 eariler. and it was a succes when +13. If your not lucky today, Try tomorrow.
  10. B> Segita Items

  11. B> Segita Items

    Buying.... -------> Segita Legion Armor +13 (Clean or with gems) -------> Segita Legion Pants +13 -------> Dragon Bow +13 or Blist Bow +13 Gems or without gems. Commend your price. NO OP Price Thanks/
  12. Buffs need to be fixed

    After the last patched i get DC in 8Buffs 9buffs And now last patched 8 & 9 buffs is fine. But in 10buffs another Sure DC. It annoys me even if im aware of it. Whenever i ran to a PK, it give's me headache gettin' DC. specially siege. is this possible to be fixed?