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  1. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    @AutoPots how stupid it is on this subject. I do not know what you want, it does not suit you, you want this game to be so easy. do not you better to give GM items very OP and rings the same and give you even the highest rank at DK-SQ ??? how big you want to be the difference, think about how many levels you have to pass to that maximum rank, and think about having 120 points to status. you will have an advantage over the other players, you think too that he can not add an excessively high difference because it would be unfair for the other players. I do not know what happened to you but you suddenly became very exaggerated and very annoying to many of us. DEV thought to give us work to have what make this game, and you want to do maximum in two days for me one as he did DEV from the beginning is very good, is a work quite hard to makes this maximum rank and takes time, that's best because it gives us work on this game and we can have fun. I say the advantage we will have with all when we have a maximum rank is a significant one. think of the other players who do not have your time to play, as you too are hard to grow in rank and they will be, but you will have an advantage over them. and considering the accusations against me as I make the rank easy I say to watch you once ranked me and how often I get to DK-to you, I go once a week, max twice say you try to be better, you do not feel good, you can also help with goodness not only dealing with bad words in all directions. I wish you a good day and I can hardly wait for a DK-SQ to be honored. Thank you!
  2. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB

  3. Digger Strategy in DK-SQ

    to know not only I'm in that seg, when my friend learns to play this game you will see my 2 characters in this DK-SQ game, and both will play and no one will stand AFK, and once he does not I just did not know what your problem is, you only upset you lost, + that I was 3v3 and you lost, you do not like when you lose, you just want to win, you lost, and you had better team than mine, and yet you lost, my strategy is to get a good teammate.you are lucky that my friend Ekta is on vacation, otherwise I would have a team of 3 always.
  4. DK-SQ

    I had a 70% resistance without a buff and in the first phase I managed to give my buff resistance and the same damage of 20k +++
  5. DK-SQ

    I do not know what's going on but it's very hard to play against magic classes in DK-SQ,it was a fairly long period in which I was not even able to leach from my own base,just look at what DMG we can incase and at the same time we can not attack because we get KB, BW and Mage and Seg have a very high DAMAGE because we do not have enough resistance to the other classes in the magic classes. helmet with fire resistance22% and Light 22%, + Armor with 30% AMR and a total of 75% Resistance and in vain, something should be done in this respect, we other classes do not have any chance of being able to advance,they still have Skill in which they can lower their resistance close to 0,I would suggest adding at least 20% of AMR to all and DK-SQ for 20-30 seconds after we can not attack one of them, so we can have more time to add our buff and to resist the opponent.I do not want to be bad but it's very hard to be able to oppose magic classes, it's a big disadvantage. thank you for your attention and I hope something is done about it. @DEV-Samurai @Co-Head-LightSide @Co-Head-GM-Inori @MOD-Kyle
  6. Believe it or not it excess

    hahahaha,I hope they have not been bought for real money, who will give it BAN?samurai will give him ban, I will not let him play ???I was very amused by this thing and how it was possible

    YES, have ICE Caastel for aragate , increse DK and feather
  8. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB


    can i buy Glove and legion pants?
  10. false accusations and many threats

    I'm not afraid of this person, but I'm sorry she is not able to lose something and still try to continue,when it might be silent.
  11. after losing a fight against me for BET PVP, where Guard was on the front he started accusing me that I was using hack and after threatening to delete my accounts and to steal my items,a man who said he did this and that's his job does not have what he's looking for in our community.I hope that this person will be taken care of and that all accounts will be suspended. @Co-Head-LightSide, @Co-Head-Siren , @Co-Head-GM-Inori

    by parts sell?
  13. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB


    i have one serpent 7CD, how many DKs give?
  15. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB

    UP, Edited