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  1. WTB,WTT and WTS

  2. WTB,WTT and WTS

    WTB: -NEPTUNE DN 300ID UP no CD option -Serpent 350ID UP no CD option -Aegis Amber 400ID UP no CD option -Aegis Amber 4CD and 300IMD UP -Helion DN CS Armor +12 or +13 50 deff UP -Helion Pants DN CS +12 or +13 2PR,2AMR or 50 deff UP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WTT Hunter Gears: Legatus Helm +13 Helion Armor Noble +13{3%curse ress,1%poison ress} Helion Pants +13 {2%Phy ress gems} Helion Boots +13 {2x gems(2%speed)} Griffon Glove DN +12 {2%DMG,57ID,5CD} Golden Crossbow Magic +13{162ID Option and full 7%Rgombus } Ultimate Abaddon's Bow Noble {265ID option and full 7%Rhombus} Moon Wings I want trade to Aloken same or maybe Segnale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WTS Caligio's 11CD 74IMD=2k Caligio's 10CD 110ID=1,5k D.Claw 299ID 80ID=1,5k Kratos 8CD 2CR 127IMD=1k Serpent 4CD,47ID,156IMD=800DKs Serpent 4CD,175IMD,1MS,2CR=1k Serpent 3CD,11CR=500DKs Serpent 3CD,76ID,2MS,1CR=200DKs Serpent 4CD,2MS,5CR,86IMD=1k Neptune 4CD,79ID,2MS=700DKs Neptune 6MS=1,5K PM ME Private or ING {Champion}Digger,Royalll or zZZz
  3. Championship multi account issue

    the worst idea, think about it, like a player having all the champ classes? why play Grand King, where fun would be, why use more characters when we can use one and good, and if you want to use another character for another cvc it's very simple, just announce your arrival at championship with another class, as JQ did two years ago. you now agree with this nonsense because you have been disqualified. the championship is made every person who has a class to fight to show that he is the best in his class, not for all, as this man did, he has broken the course of the Grand King and Champ, and he knew the rules very well,I don't know how GM managed to not see this sooner
  4. Championship multi account issue

    I knew that only one class is allowed, so we can all play with more, I would say disqualify him and receive prison
  5. Bagi / Segu / Seg

    15k idk good price
  6. Bagi / Segu / Seg

    How much whip?
  7. Class Championship 2019 Event

    no make 4 pm server time gm??? please i cant come on 3PM
  8. WTB Offer Pure DKs

  9. Class Championship 2019

    and it's so painful to be left alone, it's a shame, before the championship, there were so many GMs, but unfortunately or taken one by one, if you go and choose the dust of CORE. you were the only GM.thank you for your hard work to keep everything on your feet. we hope that your work will be easier and GM will appear like you.
  10. Class Championship 2019

    I am not interested in how many days I am, I am interested in knowing for sure the day I will play and knowing approximately the time at which it will be played.because I have a job and I know in advance how to schedule my time,and I think this will be a fun championship, many have been waiting for him for a long time, I wish you all the success of all classes and players.
  11. WTB Offer Pure DKs

  12. to sit and watch the pc how to play alone, and only when I see that you are there to greet you and after you continue my work, this is great,very loud to hear that, it's pretty funny, but anyway we have nothing to comment on, rules are rules
  13. WTB Offer Pure DKs

  14. Base Event Schedule

  15. WTB Offer Pure DKs