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  1. false accusations and many threats

    I'm not afraid of this person, but I'm sorry she is not able to lose something and still try to continue,when it might be silent.
  2. after losing a fight against me for BET PVP, where Guard was on the front he started accusing me that I was using hack and after threatening to delete my accounts and to steal my items,a man who said he did this and that's his job does not have what he's looking for in our community.I hope that this person will be taken care of and that all accounts will be suspended. @Co-Head-LightSide, @Co-Head-Siren , @Co-Head-GM-Inori

    by parts sell?
  4. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB


    i have one serpent 7CD, how many DKs give?
  6. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB

    UP, Edited
  7. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB

  8. offer for OP ring

    12k DKs
  9. Video XD

  10. WTS Serpent DN CD+ID/WTB

    WTS : -Serpent DN 3CD,235ID,70IMD=3k DKs WTB - Nepune 300ID UP ] | = Pure DKs -Serpent 320ID UP ] Helion CS Costume = 500DKs PM me here or ING {Champion}Digger or Royalll
  11. S>SET DK AND WEAP +13

    LOL, Realy?
  12. Wtt-Cs set+13

    you sell armor ? i need only armor
  13. GiveAway.

    give me your armor only ,hahaha
  14. Helion DN CS

  15. Helion DN CS